Third Part of Short story

It had been years since her eyes had peered at artifacts in velvet sachet but she knew that she would have to face the ghosts of the past!

Her heart started to race as her mind flashed back to when she last glimpsed what was hidden in the velvety soft packet!

It was just before her grandmother passed away when she last decided to use her skills and open the contents of the pouch. She was just in her late thirties when her grandmother passed away leaving her the contents of the velvet sachet.

What she saw then terrified her to the point that she swore that she would never again open herself up to Spirit.

As much as she tried, she could no longer ignore the nagging feeling that she had inside. It was time to put her fears aside and do what needed to be done.

She pulled out what was inside and took a deep breath and all of a sudden a strange wind blew through her kitchen.

“It is time”, she thought to herself as she laid out all contents of the pouch on her table. Before she continued, she fingered her antique gold cross and chain and said a silent prayer.

She began by lighting a small white candle that forever sat on her table. It had become a part of the table now and years of neglect covered it with dust. The wick lit with such ease that it surprised her as well as concerned her.

Watching the flame dance on the wick, she begins to shuffle the ancient cards that her grandmother passed down to her. The flame’s dance seems to hypnotize her and put her in a deep trance like state!!

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