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Taking time out

Procrastination is my word for the past weekend! It is every projects down fall and delay as our lives become the whirlwind we are accustomed to – the should haves and the must dos side track our loves, dreams and secret ambitions. We as humans, especially woman (speaking from experience) put everyone else on the “list” ahead of ourselves and we often forget to care and nurture ourselves in the process.

So today while working, I took a moment to do one of the things I truly love besides shopping and that is photography.

So I decided to share my photo journey!!

Stay tuned .. Once I edit them they will be posted..

Nature’s Unheard Screams

Today something moved me but not in the usual “inspired” way,it was more a call to action and a summon to voice what couldn’t be spoken!

When addiction trumps common sense and decency

When addiction trumps common sense and decency

I walked along my usual path today but was guided by something or someone else’s hand and shown what I (whom tried to brand myself a concerned citizen) had been blind to or previously immune to hearing the message.

Through Divine vision, I was shown the impact that the human race is making in the destruction of the earth, the destruction of wildlife’s habitat and the loss of wildlife due to inhabitable homes as well as pollution from waste and litter.  A sadness swept over me as I recalled the beautiful ducks I visited with the other day or the beautiful bird who I befriended.  Who sang me her song as I walked to work!  I sensed the sadness of these precious creatures at the loss of their loved ones and the loss of their homes. As humans, we know the difficulty that having to relocate can be on our own families especially in a world with so many predators! Animals probably feel same fear and loss as they have souls and are God’s creation just as we are!!

I would hate people throwing garbage in my yard – sadly it’s happened and it makes me livid !!  I think we as a human race need to step back and think about how our indifference and poor  attitude affects everything from our families and the wildlife families  to the future generations that will inherit our mess.

Think twice before you toss the coffee cup in a snow bank, the wrapper on the ground or the cigarette but In someone’s lawn.

image  imageimage

There was so much waste rotting away and destroying and littering the homes of Mother Nature’s beautiful creatures that mt heart felt heavy as I saw the destruction through the eyes of the animals and plants that call the area home. It makes me realize how hypercritical people are; since in one breath they show concern and care for rheir off spring however treat the land that their off spring will inherit with such disregard and disrespect

I saw so much litter, cigarette buts, garbage and old rotting furniture that I could have taken hours of photos instead of the half an hour I spent as I walked and was guided by the animals I have com to know along my daily journey.  I struggle to express how devastating the outcome will be for our future generations  if we continue to treat Mother Nature as our personal garbage can and ashtray.

Musings of An Instrument of Sister Muse

Hello and good morning or evening!!

I apologize I haven’t kept anyone up to date on project progress last few days but it was my weekend to work, plus was not feeling the greatest!’   I have been fortunate that Sister Muse is guiding my hand and heart today!!! I did some more rough work, brain storming  and  forced myself to stop while myond was clear!’

I am excited about process and where this journey will take me 🙂

Law of attraction – ongoing experiment

I thought I would share with my readers an ongoing experiment that I started three days ago!  It is more an experiment of the social and psychological nature.  Don’t worry I diidn’t hook anyone up to electrodes – the only subject was myself!

The thing I am testing or working with  is Law of Atrraction and aspects of gratitude in nature- does law of attraction work and is it possible to build a positive relationship with nature.

As many of my readers know, I love taking pictures whether it be with my camera or my phone camera! Truthfully I look for the right photos while I am either at home, on m way to work or just out for a walk.

While the other day I saw a very nice image that would make a great picture! A bird standing In a puddle along a trail – the bird actually stayed very still and allowed me to take shot up close.  After I took the shot, I thanked the bird and promised I would bring sunflower seeds next time I was by that area (I am every day) and the other day I kept to my promise and scattered bird seed from one end of the area to the other to be sure that I would reach the bird.

Today while I was walking to work, Mother Nature seemed to thank me as she let me spot two ducks in the creek by the same area, which I of course took a picture of and thanked!! I will of course provide the birds with a treat when I go by next time 🙂

Another part of this experiment started about a week ago, I placed bus fair 2.50 by a bus sign spot in a neat pile and left the Universe in charge of providing it to someone in  need!  It took about two days for it to be discovered as I checked thoroughly!  I thanked the universe for the role it played and prayed that someone in need received it.

Two days after. I received my income tax which we had only filed 5 days before and that is the quickest I ever got money back!

Creatively Listening to Whispering Muse

. It was a beautiful day here in Timmins Ontario – we reached 10 degrees Celsius!! A brilliant and beautiful  sun lit a blue painted sky while the crisp air danced delicately providing the perfect balance.  This kind of day just fills my soul with a calmness and joy!

So tonight as I was winding down and relaxing after working with clients this evening, I heard a very subtle and melodic whisper of a graceful and elegant Muse!  Sitting in silence for a few minutes, I heard and felt a push to work on project!!  I was able to work on an additional outline of how I want the project to expand!

I am excited that I was able to let my creativity  flow and since it is 1030PM and my medication  is kicking in, I decided it best to stop after that piece was done and tackle tomorrow with a clear and refreshed mind!’   So I say this simple but heart-felt prayer of thanks  to my lovely Muse and dearest friend

Sister Muse I hear your song

My soul obeys and sings along

A gift you have bestowed upon me

The wonderful joy and creativity

Thank for sharing your heart

Your guidance like water to a wilting flower

You are the reason my words have so  much power

May your voice be heard forever more

Walk with me till the very end – sweet sister              Muse my dearest friend …. amen

Well tomorrow is an early day – up at 6:50am as I have to catch 7:30 bus for my client at 8am!  I bid everyone a wonderful evening/morning and/or night depending on where you live😀

Awakening the Muse – hopefully

Happy beautiful Sunday!!!

It reached 15 degrees Celsius here 😄

it was the perfect day for spring cleaning and airing out the house as I had every window open and enjoying the freshness of the new season! Spring allowed us to remove the staleness of winter from the house.

Unfortunately the Muse was quiet today perhaps to allow newness and the scent of renewal to prevail.  It is funny how once you start cleaning, organizing and sorting, it can become a process and a cathartic release. I found it be therapeutic giving my house a once over, fresh start and removing the negative, stale energy of a harsh winter.

I am attempting to kick start my creative juices by redoing the creative outlines of project!’ Hopefully it will bring forth the gift of the Muse and maybe breath life into the project with a renewed spark.

Standing Still While Moving Ahead

So I am at a stand still creatively – urg!! 😦

Our weather fluctuating and dreary doesn’t help either as the last two days all I wanted do was sleep!  We almost had most of snow gone in yard but now blowing snow and crazy wind – suppose to get 10 cm!’

I figured good time to try to de clutter house, hopefully it will help me shake cobwebs.  I started with kitchen and organized Tupperware but had to take break due to having a really bad chill and headache.

I set a goal for myself of at least the main floor being done – sorting wise too – keep, donate and garbage. I figure if I can make my house what I want it to be maybe the change will help me emotionally and mentally (concentration wise).

Trampled and Doubting

What a wierd day!  I feel exhausted and drained even though it wasn’t a crazy and chaotic day!  It was sunny but cold outside on the beginning of day and then became overcast.

Weather changes are killer on state of mind and add depression on top of that and I get burned out mentally and emotonally.  Today I had a hard time concentrating and staying focused and all I wanted to do is sleep.  pushed through morning and evening cliemts but feel like I haven’t slept in days and my body  feels trampled on.

The physical symptoms of depression can be worse than the emotional ones somedays and for me they include:

1. Headaches

2. Fatigue

3. Lethargicness

4. Achy muscles

5. Insomnia

6. Stomach Upset

I try to combat the physical symptoms with vitamins and minerals; such as:

1. Vitamin D

2. Vitamin B12

3. Iron

4. Multivitamin

5. Vitamin C


I have not had the opportunity or stamina to work on project today, which bothers me as a sense of failure and disappointment starts to overtake me.  I am feeling frustrated with myself and questioning whether I am ever going to be a popular author or even break successfully into writing business.

I am trying to keep positive and allow the Law of Attraction to bring success and fortune to me but it is hard.

Hopefully tomorrow the Muse will speak to me and allow creativity to flow!!

Good night everyone