Archive | April 22, 2013

Defeat or Victory: Earth’s Final Act

Take in the essence of the earth
Take time to marvel at the majestic views
Views of greens and blues scattered
Scattered among hues of colours

Colours so vibrant and clear
Colours that represent life
Life that sustains and is nurturing
Nurturing the hungry souls

Souls roam the earth carelessly
Souls take for granted what can be lost
Lost suddenly without warning to spare
Spare the earth the torture of the abused

Abused by litter tossed aside
Abused by air sick with diseases
Diseases from pollution lingering
Lingering germs contaminating all

All it takes is simple respect
All you need is concern
Concern for mankind’s health
Health of all living beings

Beings to show compassion
Compassion for all living things
Things to consider as you walk around
Around us life has a story to tell

Tell all you know now is the time
Tell those who will listen to think
Think of how your actions play
Play the part in either earth’s victory
Or earth’s sad defeat