Please Remember Me.. (Originally written In 2006)

Lost inside a lifeless body – so tired and so weak

Although there is so much to do or say

I am unable to move and barely able to speak

I see you look at me with such pity and despair

Do you not realize I too feel it is not fair

Please know I am the same person inside

I did not ask for this to happen on this ride

There is so much I wish I could tell you and say

Emotions to express to you that have not gone away

This illness and stroke has robbed me of a sound mind

 Ravaged my body – making me wither away every time

However my soul is still alive – scared and so very lonely inside

I pray that you know how much I love you and appreciate what you have done for me

I value and enjoy your company

Although it seems that I do not know and cannot show it

I feel you here and know that it tears at your heart

 If you hold on to the good memories – we will never be apart

 If God should call me home soon when my time does come

I know you will be sad but you’ll understand

For my body is tired and this fight is so hard to endure

Know that you have done all you could my dear

Remember me as what I used to be – I ask of you

Don’t let the good memories be drowned out by this time of suffering

I will always be the woman you remember me to be

Your love and support will set me free

Dedicated to Stella Myles

Ode to A Lost Friend

Gypsy 1

Genuinely gentle and loving soul

Her mere presence could grab at your heart and take control

Youthful spirit, full of energy and light

Just watching could make you laugh, turn dark days bright

Proud you would be to be considered her friend

On her loyalty you could truly depend

Sharing her love with each person she met

Not a single soul who saw her did fret

A secret message she sent to all

“Your life forever changed it will be

Just take the time and come play with me!”

This precious soul left us one, sad fateful day

Leaving us all speechless, at lost for the words to say

Our hearts now contain a hollow voice – its true

Some of us still wonder how we made it through

Never a day goes by she is not on my mind

I know one day we will meet again – a different place and time