Archive | September 2014

Embracing Guided Journey

I know that there has been a prolonged absence and I hope that no one felt deserted or forgotten – nothing was done in malicious intent and no one was maant to feel forgotten!!

The simple truth is life got in the way as working two jobs, daily living and trying to find balance as well as dealing with depression sometimes bcomes overwhelmingly for me and things get forgotten. Plus I was still working on my short story/book called “The Antique House” and for awhile hit a bit of a block. The process is flowing better and it is winding down and I can’t wait for it to be finished.

I hage been freting about how this would turn out as it is my first short story and want everyone to like it but also hope to get good feedback that is respectable but I had a voice tell me that the completion of the project and the process is more important than the reviews and my own criticism.

So I am going to embrace the experience and follow the journey.