Search for..

This would be a dream come true to own so many books ...

This would be a dream come true to own so many books …

Drawn to the building standing so tall

What are the secrets hidden away after all

What is the voice that beckons to me now

So curious to find out somehow

Through the doors I enter with curiosity

Wondering what stories will unfold in front of me

Drawn to the area I take my seat at the table quietly

Searching through articles and sites to see what I stumble upon

My worries have escaped me, my frustrations gone

My hands type the words freely with ease

The knowledge I am gaining make me feel pleased

Time escapes me and suddenly I am told “5 minutes to go”

Carefully I pack my work again and tuck away the knowledge I now know

27 thoughts on “Search for..

  1. I really like this poem, it’s got a great style and I can picture myself gaining the knowledge that you have written about. I shall definitely be following your blog! Thanks also for dropping by my blog, hope you continue to do so. Best wishes.

  2. Thanks for the follow – 🙂

    Ever read Borges’ story “The Library of Babel”?

    It’s what your photo brought to mind.

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  4. I tend to think the same way, but somehow the picture made me wonder whether it would actually be a nightmare to own all those books. Think of the feeling of responsibility to read them all and the hopelessness of ever managing to do so!

  5. I love books. So do I need to go to a BBB meeting? Books Books (and more) Books.
    What would I confess, addicted that I am? But then as poets we do have ink for blood! Thanks so much for stopping by my daily verse site. I will gladly bookmark another poetic friend! ~Jules

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog – and the like – I love your poem and that library, what I wouldn’t wish for one like that. It was so enjoyable it wa disappointing to get to the end 🙂 Susan x

  7. You’ve made me miss the libraries I knew when younger. Quiet places full of hushed turning of pages and smothered coughs.
    Ours now is a more child friendly affair that is often noisy and bears no resemblance to my associations of what a library is still in my mind.
    I love the way your poem depicts that thirst for knowledge and the wonders that may be uncovered while time escapes our awareness. x

  8. First, I loved your picture all of the books. In my dream life I would love to grab a cuppa tea, coffee, etc. and read every single book. I loved reading your poem. It fit so perfectly with the photo. Wonderful post.

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