Goals and rewards

I am trying to think of a reward for an incentive to reward myself for paying off two credit cards and cancelling them too!!

Also trying to set date for reward – should i wait till sears card is down lower or do it just for other two cards only!!

Ideas i came up with:
Getting nails done
Going jewellery shopping
Going clothes shopping
Going craft supply shopping

Can anyone think of other ideas?

Goal continuation

Well today i made a payment on CIBC Visa of 439.76 bringing balance to even 1,000.00!!

Two more payments of 500.00 each and it will be cleared up!! Card is cancelled too!!!

Hoping to have it cleared by end of April!!

Other two cards – sears card 2500 (actually it is only 2000 – double checked) and old visa card 6800 – those ones i hope to put a dent in and by end of year I hope to have at least sears at zero and a big dent in cibc!’


I am supper excited today because I have the privilege of saying I was able to pay off one of my credit cards!!!

I paid off RBC Credit Card of $1,000!!!


Thank you for your support!!

Weekend Plans

I think that this weekend will be a quiet,reflective weekend for me.

I may attempt to do some writing this weekend in the midst of organizing my house etc..

I have organized all my writing now in folders – labelled and everything!! Took awhile to complete because I even printed out all poems and placed in folders!!

Poetry and Short Story folders organized as such:
Poetry folders (purple)
Character information
Cover letters submitted
Extra copies
Extremely Personal
Online Blog
Submission Tracker
Work in Progress

Short Story Folders; (blue)
Character information
Completed short stories
Cover letter submitted
Extra copies
Submission Tracker
Work in Progress



Financial Goals

So I decoded that the best way to accomplishment my goals and stay on track with debt repayment and addiction recovery is to voice it out loud to friends and fans!!

My first financial goal is to pay $1000 credit card and overdraft off by mid April!!

My second financial goal is to pay $1500 cibc card off mid May!! Plus overdraft!!

My third financial goal is to bring down my sears card as well by mid july!!

My other card is 6800 and i thought id conquer small cards first!!!