Archive | April 4, 2013

My Shadow

Constant companion
Supportive to the core
Insecure in his own mind

Leave not his sight
Panic he will
Sadness will fill his dark eyes

So like a child
Bouquet of moods
Curiosity his friend and foe

Eight years old
But continues to play
Crashing for deep sleep

End of day small twitches
Rock this gentle soul’s
Much deserved sleep

Musings on Health Care

As I sit with my client at hospital and watch nurse interact with patients, I am overwhelmed about how negative this nurse is!! She seems to like to complain about her job, time constraints and other nurses at hospital!!

What kind of environment is residents subjected to if they are only hearing negativity, barely interacted with and rushed care is given?

This is what happens when nurses become jaded and complacent!!