“All Welcome Does Not Mean Welcoming Atmosphere”

I would like to take this time to apologize for my absence – I had a very off couple of days emotionally as well as physical pain with knee was almost unbearable! I did not want to write from a dark mind and clouded thoughts, so I took a few days break from writing world.

BTIt all started when I decided I was going to expand my circle and join a club or something. So,I decided to attend a Science Timmins Astronomy Club and step outside my comfort zone.
My anxiety was already off because it was a small room with lots of people, but I decided that i was going to try and stay as long as possible.
It only got worse from there because the group was very cliquey and to top of it off people who were suppose to be mature as they were at least in their 50’s would cast dirty looks my way and snicker, This shook me as it took a lot out of me to go in first place and to ne treated like I was back in high school again made me feel demeaned and judged!! I literally had to talk myself through it – I am grateful I went with a friend too!!
They say “Open Group All Welcome” but they sure as hell do not act that way!!
That anxiety attack left me feeling drained for 2 days and I have had then under control for a year!!

To be continued..,

The anxiety attack really shook me as I generally have my triggers in control and manageable.
I was floored at how inconsiderate and rude people can be!!

To those who are lucky not to have anxiety issues, an attack feels like this:
• heart palpitations
• room spins
• racing thoughts
• dizziness
• walls feel like they are closing in
• chest hurts

At least those are my symptoms!!!