Brand New Adventures

Today I decided that it was time to swallow my fears and insecurities and put my words in a publishing format.  It was an interesting adventure to be able to pick the selected poems for a small collection of poetry that had some meaning to me.

It was especially powerful to put some very personal poetry in the collection – ones that I have not even shared on my blog.  Funny thing is that I am not even sure as to why I shared the poems on the collection – something just said “It is time!”.  I swallowed the emotions and decided that I had to follow the direction I was lead to.

Right now, it is in review status and I can feel weird “butterflies” take a hold of my stomach and do magical dances inside me.  I am very excited, nervous and scared to have shared my words in an actual published poetry format, even if just in kindle format..

I guess baby steps is better than no steps and I have to walk instead of just trying to fly.

But, the true reason for writing this post is to give a shout and thank you to all whom have encouraged me, supported me and listened to my poetry with an open heart.

I would also like to give a giant hug and thank you to David M. Green for the publishing information!! You helped me reach a small part of my dream..

God Bless Everyone.. Please look for my poetry book on the kindle library “Wings of Hope”.


Homeward Bound

In the silence of the night
I heard a voice call out to me
“Be still” it said softly

Following the directions spoken
I laid on my bed eyes closed gently
Listening for the next message to be said

As I laid upon my cushy bed
Visions began to fill my head
“What do they mean?” I timidly asked

Everything I saw moved so fast
Suddenly as if the speed changed pace
I saw a beam of light bright and pure

Looking further I saw the most beautiful face
His eyes were so loving and full of care
His smile alone made life seem perfect and fair

He reached out his hand to bring me near
Strangely I knew I had nothing to fear
Gently taking his hand in my own

He said “fear not child” I will take you home
It seemed in an instant the scenery changed
All of the buildings were rearranged now

I blinked my eyes and saw a majestic site
A building seemed to shine with white glowing light
Slowly I walked to its beautiful wooden door

Turning to Him I asked “can I go in”
He smiled and spoke so eloquently
“You already know the answer my child”

Pushing the door open enough to peak
I could see so many things of beauty
Stepping further inside I am in a state of awe

“Where am I” i whisper to myself quietly
I felt so calm and it was familiar to me
Like a place in a dream my subconscious freed

“My child, fear not you are now home
You were lost before and decided to roam
I waited till your soul was ready to heal”

Letter To Heaven’s Angel

Dearest Sweet Angel

I am writing you this letter as I thought of you today
I feel I am strong enough to finally be able to say
For many years I prayed for strength to make it through
My world seemed so empty without you

When i lost you 5 years ago my world fell apart
When He called you home you took with you my heart
The journey to here has not be easy on me at all
I struggled to find my footing after the hardest fall

I know you are safe,happy and free
That is what brings comfort to me
How terrible I would feel if my pain cost you your wings
When i was in the midst of grief i could not see these things

So here i pour out my heart to finally move on
I keep you in my memory you have been here all along
I want you to remember how much you are loved whole heartedly
I choose today to move forward and let you run free

Please remember I love you more than words can ever say
Keep a place near you I will join you one day

Love always and forever till the end
Your mommy and friend

Letter to departed soul

I wrote to you this letter
To help me heal the pain
Holding on to the loss
Leaves me nothing to gain
I see you in a safe place playing joyfully
I know our lives are on different planes now
One day you will find your way to me
I try to live my life healthy as i can be
I wonder if you look down proudly upon me
My heart will always have a void deep inside
But i was blessed enough to carry you
This thought always fills me with pride
I am learning how to be whole again
I know there are more roles to fill
May not be able to be a mother but can be a wife and friend
So many years have passed by
But the thought of you still makes me cry
Often the word i hear myself repeat is “why”
I ask for your help to heal my wounded heart
I am working at letting go as best i can
I struggle internally with that part
Give me a sign that I will be alright
Help me make it through each day and night
I send you my love and wish you the best
I want to let your spirit finally rest

Maneuvering The Journey

Today I start my life anew
Learning from the past
Gathering knowledge
From all I have been through

Release myself from my chains
No longer bound in the depths
Despair will no longer control me
I can see clearly what I have to gain

My feet are planted on the ground
The winds of time may blow strong
I will stand strong with no fear
I know people who care will be around

Taken deep breaths I walk proud again
Secure in the power of my own heart
A journey I must take to further myself
Truth and honesty my solid friends

I know I may stumble and may often fall
I will not quit and will not cry
Hardships will be there but i will succeed
The lesson is in the journey after all

Each small step i take now
I will let my heart guide me
My soul will grow strong
I can maneuver the obstacles
I have learned how