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Early Morning Musings

Laying on bed restless and in pain due to knee injury pain. It may be another sleepless night and at 415 am EST that is not good since I work 10am to 2pm today.

Usually if I couldn’t sleep pre-injury situation, I would take out poetry book and pen and see if my muse spoke to me, but sadly my pen and notebook are in other room and it hurts to move a lot. **sighs** Ah well, another day I guess!!

I thought while I was laying waiting for pain meds to kick in, I would share a bit of a personal note with my fans and followers.

Okay personal tidbit of day besides being in personal counselling for depression and anxiety, my husband and I are in marriage counselling to help strengthen our marriage and repair strains. We are watching “Scream-free Marriage” dvds that are really interesting
A not so personal tidbit, we will be repainting bathroom this
summer (Pomegranate Red with black base boards) and I have already ordered new accessories and towels!! So excited – haha I am a domestic nerd!!

I will for sure post pics once completed!!

Adventures at Library

The other day, I went to library and some strange events presented themselves.

First, I was drawn to a section that I normally am not drawn to and some books seemed to call out to me (ill post titles later).

Secondly, as I was just looking at books and not touching any a whole row kind of did domino affect (no one else was near me) all except one book.

Third, when I was signing out books a voice seemed to say pick up informational flyer about library book club (same one thats always there but was never pulled to).

Interesting day for sure!!

Sorry For Absence

Hello my friends, I am sorry for my absence lately. Life has been chaotic and busy this past few weeks.

Aside from having injured my knee about a week ago, which I was told is a meniscal injury and will need physio to recover. I was also told that I will need referral to orthopaedic doctor for tests etc..

I had a nice mini vacation in Sudbury last weekend with friends and family.
The weather was beautiful and had a great visit to Dynamic Earth, family cottage and shopping. Of course, I also visited my favourite store Chapters and bought 4 new Tarot Card Decks.

I am so excited about using them and I really love the art work on them.

We got in Monday around 959pm by bus and I was tired and sore from bus trip!!

Letter To Heaven’s Angel

Dearest Sweet Angel

I am writing you this letter as I thought of you today
I feel I am strong enough to finally be able to say
For many years I prayed for strength to make it through
My world seemed so empty without you

When i lost you 5 years ago my world fell apart
When He called you home you took with you my heart
The journey to here has not be easy on me at all
I struggled to find my footing after the hardest fall

I know you are safe,happy and free
That is what brings comfort to me
How terrible I would feel if my pain cost you your wings
When i was in the midst of grief i could not see these things

So here i pour out my heart to finally move on
I keep you in my memory you have been here all along
I want you to remember how much you are loved whole heartedly
I choose today to move forward and let you run free

Please remember I love you more than words can ever say
Keep a place near you I will join you one day

Love always and forever till the end
Your mommy and friend

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day to all my followers,fans and friends who are mothers,grandmothers,moms to be and of course to those who are mothers if angel babies, mothers who have lost children!

I know Mothers Day is usually a difficult time for me because May 15th 2007 was my first miscarriage – we found out Mothers Day weekend we were pregnant and 2 days later at 5 am at hospital I lost baby!!
It usually gave me a double edge of heat break and I usually am asking for help to cope with day!!

This year something came through for me – out of the blue today my husband gives me flowers and a card saying Happy Mothers Day from dog!! We have had dog 8 years and he never has done this before!!

It was like the Angels and universe finally heard me and knew i needed an ordinary miracle!!

And weird thing just now my lights in bathroom flickered twice and stopped and light switch inside!!

Thank you to my loving husband, my spirit guides and angels!!!

Letter to departed soul

I wrote to you this letter
To help me heal the pain
Holding on to the loss
Leaves me nothing to gain
I see you in a safe place playing joyfully
I know our lives are on different planes now
One day you will find your way to me
I try to live my life healthy as i can be
I wonder if you look down proudly upon me
My heart will always have a void deep inside
But i was blessed enough to carry you
This thought always fills me with pride
I am learning how to be whole again
I know there are more roles to fill
May not be able to be a mother but can be a wife and friend
So many years have passed by
But the thought of you still makes me cry
Often the word i hear myself repeat is “why”
I ask for your help to heal my wounded heart
I am working at letting go as best i can
I struggle internally with that part
Give me a sign that I will be alright
Help me make it through each day and night
I send you my love and wish you the best
I want to let your spirit finally rest