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Another evening ends in a good and seni-productive day – it was beautiful here in Timmins Ontario today. 

   The perfect day to be mindful and take in the beauty that surrounds, as well as eat watermelon. Okay confession, i pigged out onbit but U did shade with my dog Shadow – I coukdn’t say no he was sitting all handsomely. I took some nice pictures that I will post probably tomorrow as here it is 10:10pm and 6:30am comes quick. 

  I plugged away a bit on “The Antique House” but had to stop as my eyes were sore (cannot waif to gef new glasses) and I needed to recharge my brain and step away from story as was hitting dry spell.  Another confession, I have high standards for myself and I kept erasing as I wrote as didn’t sound right! 

Well, I wish you all a great night!!

Productive Musings

  Hello my lovely fans and followers!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening – here it is 10:33pm EST and I am just finishing up another chapter on my book and winding down for evening. 

It was a productive day for writing as I had gaps in between clients during the day and wonderful quiet moments in evening to weave the tapestry of my characters’ lives into a chapter full of surprises. 

Thank you again for a wonderful supportive community. 

In Flight

While working this morning and on my way to my clients house, I took the opportunity to practice mindfullnesss!!

it is amazing what nature shows you when you take the time to watch it in its splendor and glory. So often we are so much in a hurrying life that we miss the beauty all around us, we are stuck in our heads and so caught up in the drama and tribulations that are made to help us grow spiritually that we miss the forest for the trees. We pray for miracles and signs of God’s existence but do not open our eyes and hearts enough to see ones presented to ourselves daily!

i have been guilty of this myself and I know that dealing with depression’s lessons have taught me many things and one of them is to live in the now. yesterday happened and it cannot be written over and there were many hidden blessings and lessons and tomorrow is a clean slate for new lessons and focusing too much on tomorrow takes away from the beauty, wonder and lessons for the present!

This is what I saw walking around this morning, two birds (I believe sparrows) playing with each other as they flew around. I watched them fly for 5 minutes as they spread their wings, dove and soared back and forth.  It truly was a heart warming experience to witness and enjoy!’

Well time is slipping away from me and I must continue my work on the book, while i have time before my last client!

I bid thee all adieu!

   Hello everyone! I hope everyone. Is having a wonderful evening/day! 

   While i was finishing up Chapter Five of “The Antique House” I thought I would take a moment and share the most beautiful view I saw looking out my window.  Hopefully it will help prove as awe inspiring to you as it was to me.

   Here is a question, I invite everyone to answer – what is your sacread place in your home? What room stimulates your creativity?  Do you have a special place for your writing?  Any special rituals? 

  My office/craft room is being reorgabized and I am in process of doing major clean sweep,so I find at night in bedroom is my space for now.  Wheb my room is dne, I will share photos with everyone!!

So here is the view of a beautiful picture – enjoy!!





Beautiful Evil Winter Book Review

   Recently, I won a Good Reads First Read book called “Beautiful Evil Winter” by Kelly K. Lavender

This was a wonderfully emotional book to read and it pulled at my heart strings in a way that truly resonated in my soul because of my own struggle with infertility and childlessness. 

  The characters’ story and struggles were well crafted and thought out in a way that I found that I could truly feel the emotions spill out onto each page of this book, which made her characters so easy to relate to and become more human.. As the couple struggles with the many challenges and pitfalls with their international adoption search and process, I found it was very enlightening and intriguing as so many people do not realize the intensity of the process of adoption especially international adoptions. 

  I also loved how the author inserted a part of herself into the story line using her love of horses as inspiration for how the reason for the wife’s infertility and inability to conceive.. It was subtle but beautifully crafted in a way that created pathos for the lives of this ordinary couple, whose act of love make them extraordinary. 

   There were many funny moments woven into the story’s plot of struggle, sadness, and longing which helped lightened the overall feel of the story concerning the politics of Russian adoptions, corrupt police forces and a world of secrecy and crime.  It also demonstrated how in the midst of loss, personal struggle and emotional upheaval that love can bring people can come together and strengthen the bonds of marriage.  

  This book is a true gem that anyone should read, especially if they have ever thought of how the international adoption process works. 

I would give this book, 4 out of 5. 

Love’s Illusion

I want to become one with you
But not lose the real me
I wish to take away the masks 
But still preserve my mystery
I long to share my world with 
But still have my own sacred space 
I wish to embrace all that you are
I want us to celebrate our unique individuality
I want to see what your weary eyes but hold strong to my sanity
I want to share who I Am inside 
But still hold on to the secrets
I hold
I have to be spontaneous together
While maintaining control too
I want to savour all that is you 
But without the pressure to
Say yes 
I want to be me
I want the real me to be

Secret Angels

Angels sent from high above

To teach us lessons about

life, tolerance and love

Patience will be needed and of course

Must be shown as best as can be 

No manuals to follow just trial and error 

the answers are in – just follow your heart

Strength you have waiting inside 

Enriched the lucky few whose paths intwine 

transforming lives with a smile and embrace

Compassion is the only request that is made 

See the world through their loving eyes

look past what images blind your true sight 

An open heart will be shown their true beauty and light

Incredible souls that are so filled full of love and life

Where they see growth we somehow sadly only see strife 

Abundance of joy they will spread if we are open to receive 

Riches they share with a select chosen few

Lucky are those whose lives they have touched

 Blessed by God’s Secret Angels – Special Souls 

What Would You Choose?

   I am going to pose a question for fun but I would hope and ask everyone to answer!!

You win an opportunity to collaborate on writing a Christian book about love, loss and  renewal – your job is to decide how one of your main characters passes away and the effect the death has on other characters in the story line!! What would you choose and why?