Law of attraction – ongoing experiment

I thought I would share with my readers an ongoing experiment that I started three days ago!  It is more an experiment of the social and psychological nature.  Don’t worry I diidn’t hook anyone up to electrodes – the only subject was myself!

The thing I am testing or working with  is Law of Atrraction and aspects of gratitude in nature- does law of attraction work and is it possible to build a positive relationship with nature.

As many of my readers know, I love taking pictures whether it be with my camera or my phone camera! Truthfully I look for the right photos while I am either at home, on m way to work or just out for a walk.

While the other day I saw a very nice image that would make a great picture! A bird standing In a puddle along a trail – the bird actually stayed very still and allowed me to take shot up close.  After I took the shot, I thanked the bird and promised I would bring sunflower seeds next time I was by that area (I am every day) and the other day I kept to my promise and scattered bird seed from one end of the area to the other to be sure that I would reach the bird.

Today while I was walking to work, Mother Nature seemed to thank me as she let me spot two ducks in the creek by the same area, which I of course took a picture of and thanked!! I will of course provide the birds with a treat when I go by next time 🙂

Another part of this experiment started about a week ago, I placed bus fair 2.50 by a bus sign spot in a neat pile and left the Universe in charge of providing it to someone in  need!  It took about two days for it to be discovered as I checked thoroughly!  I thanked the universe for the role it played and prayed that someone in need received it.

Two days after. I received my income tax which we had only filed 5 days before and that is the quickest I ever got money back!

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