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Looking ahead

Looking forward to my writing weekend!!!
Going to be setting up my office writing space tomorrow – in between house work and laundry!!!
Can’t wait to let the juices flow!!
I started reading an interesting book – in search of the worst writers in history!!
Pretty interesting so far!!’



I Bid Thee Good Nye


To All My Fans and Followers

To All My Writing Friends

I Bid You Good Night For Now

Even Through The Night Has Come

The Creative Journey Never Ends

Till We Speak Once Again

Blessed Dreams I Pray You Have

May The Muse Find You In Your Sleep

May the Words Be Placed In Your Memory to Keep

Weekend Goals


A weekend alone!!
Just me and dog!!

Yeah – it will be writing and blogging weekend.

Peace and quiet, while hubby is out ice fishing at friends camp for weekend.

I am going to turn off phones and TV  and focus on reading poetry and writing my heart out..

Finally feeling better from Stomach Bug that I caught and getting productive appointments done..

Stay tuned for more information….

Hope everyone is having a great week.. Keep writing and keep smiling..

Thank you again to all my followers

No more words


They ask me to talk
But when i do they shut me down
My feelings get ripped up
Thrown to the ground

They say i am too quiet
To open up now
When i speak my truth
My intentions get twisted
So unsure of how

They beat me down
Say i give off attitude
All i do is state facts
Funny how its ok for their tone
Which is harsh and rude

Tired of ridicule and harsh interactions
Now i look my speech away
What can they judge
Without my spoken words
No more price i will pay

Here lies the truth of what will be
I will not speak a single word out now
My feelings i will express only way
I truly know how
One solid and constant friend
My ever lasting poetic pen