Archive | April 13, 2013

Light Rage

Rushing to go
Time drags

Anger building
Storm inside
Near imploding

Red lights bring
Burning rage
In mad rush

All in race
For flashing green
Tires spin so rapidly
They scream

Impatience brings to end
Lives of all involved
Children,adults, animals
Victims of stupidity

Needing To Breathe

Needed to breathe
Stepped away for a while
Wanted to remember
How it felt to smile

You were not strong enough
To understand my way
Took as an attack on you
Claimed there would be a price
To pay

Forced me to break it down
Explain the reason I pulled away
As honestly as i could i spilled my guts
Now i wonder it was time to say

Cannot promise it will not happen again
You have to understand
Space and time for myself have to be
Without that i cannot be the real me