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Iphone Phone Issue

  My daiy rant today is technology based and Iphone based.. Today, while I was trying to text someone my phone started to flicker on screen and then went black and then I got a message saying “Iphone needs to cool down before you can use it” and now phone will not turn on..

   The phone is only 6 months old and from my research on phone forums, it is a common issue – Why is apple selling phones that are faulty.  So frustrated – gah!! Now I have to go into Northern Tel to get them to replace phone and have to worry about if this issue is going to reoccur with another phone,

  So frustrating and maddening..


Apology for Absence and Tardiness writing

I would like to take a quick moment to apologize for my absence and thank everyone for being patient with me!

I had to remove the app for WordPress on my phone as it was having problems syncing and just now re-added it and haven’t really been on my computer last few days to week.

So far this week has been a busy week, my client finally got into Golden Manor nursing home yesterday, so Monday was organization and packing day and yesterday she was moved in morning and the stuff that was hospital was brought there,labelled right away and put away in her room.
I have small stuff to bring over throughout week that i gathered Monday but other than that, she is settled nicely.

Today, i have interview at 10am that I am in process of getting ready for (so this will be a short blog) at Extendicare Timmins.

Wish me luck!! I will update later!!

Daily Photo Challenge – Fresh

Fresh – what does it mean to me?

When I think of fresh, especially this time of year I think of fresh flowers in fields and the fragrant aroma that is scattered in the air.

Some scents and flowers, brings me back to childhood and playing in my grandfather’s garden or when my father planted snapping dragon flowers for me in a potter when I was younger.. Image

Extraordinary Pearls of Gratitude For Every Day Moments

I once again have forgotten to share my gratitude list with my friends, followers and fans.

I sometimes get to caught up in the every day and forget to take the time to stop and remember – my apologies. 

Sometimes I also caught up in the news of things – all the tragedies and stories surrounding this world.. It bogs me down at times. 

Let’s see what shall we call this blog.. 

Pearls of Gratitude:

1. As always my loving husband – I can’t even begin to ponder what would have happened without him during my darkest hours – he’s a rock

2. Lasting 7 years together married (July 15th our anniversary) and 12 years together total..  

3. Ordinary moments that are made special when I spend time with Shadow

4. My creative muses

5. The friends,fans and followers who voted for me during contest.. (There is still time for those who haven’t voted – contest ends 22nd)

6. A break in the humidity and heat = even though I would take heat over -30 Celsius any day – the humidity makes it hard to breath (asthma and humidity not a fun combo)

7. Another day where it was a good day – no “lows” – no “dragon” yet 🙂

8. All the great blogs I have read lately – you give me inspiration.. 

9. Completing or coming very close to completing goals

10. God’s grace and support. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend.. Have fun, be safe and God Bless!!



Please vote

 Today I am feeling a bit disappointed and down  as I was hoping I would have gotten my votes for photo contest that I entered (previously posted about it) and a lot of people are not going on and voting.  This was the first time I entered a photo contest  but maybe I reached for the stars when I should have just kept my feet on the ground and realized I may not be contest material – photography wise.. 

I am giving one last plea to everyone as contest ends on 22nd.. 

Go to site, like page and click on vote underneath picture.. I could really use support of everyone, as starting to feel a bit like fish out of water.


It would have been a nice boost to my ego and creative inspiration, but I guess I will just settle for everyda


Under Wing

Mother duck sits
So proud and strong
Watching her ducklings
Grow each day
Awaiting the day they fly away

For now her wee ones
Stay under wing
Their tiny sounds
She loves them to sing


Please go and vote on photo contest
Click vote on picture

** If you like post, please go to above site and vote so I can win – contest ends on 22nd**