Too Late / 1st draft

Every day I feel like I am suffocating
But I can’t place blame for this pain
Since I stay and let myself drown
The games never stop they just go
Round and round
What happens when the choice you make leaves you down?
In the beginning did not see the signs
Who could I have been so blind?
Once I looked at you in awe full of hope
Now the only feeling I get makes me choke
How do I stay with you when all I see is red?
You have completely messed with
My heart and head
Every time you touch me my skin crawls
Guess for you i am only something to control after all
Why did I let you in? I do not know
Should never have settled for first one to ask
Guess the prison is mine – punishment will last
Things could have been so different
All I asked was to be first and for you to care
How can I be angry for you having a weak mind?
So easy you let others change you every time
You let others corrupt what could have been great
I really have nothing left for you
No respect for what you became now
We cannot fix it this time
Damage is done
It is too late to care
Too late for sorry – an empty word
Too late for forgiveness
The thoughts have flown away like birds
Too late to change – you cannot stop
Too late to try to grow a flower in a rotted pot
Too late for me to leave – where would I go?
Too late for blame – we both played this sorry game
Too late to climb back on top – i am too low
Too late to complain – no one really hears
Too late to cry out about my fears
I shut that voice down long ago
Too late to end this match – we both have not won
Too late to change my mind
You are not my friend and lover
You are a dangerous foe

2 thoughts on “Too Late / 1st draft

  1. Reblogged this on Morsels and commented:

    Here is a sneak peak of an upcoming poem I am working on – keep in mind a) its a first draft, b) it just came to me now, c) i typed it on screen that is cracked on my i-phone.

  2. I like that a lot! And, ouch! Brutal, I’d hate to be the person on the receiving end of that. I really dig your rhymes as well, I find I write like that at times without even paying attention. Great stuff!

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