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This weekend had been one if fun, housework and whispers from my Muse (Thank you Sister Muse) so I was able to tap a few words together for the Antique House as well as come up with some other ideas that I will release to you when time is right!!

  I have decided to run a little contest to see which of my fans is truly following my blog and reading through Antique House chapters I have shared!!

      The winner will get a preview of the last chapter of the Antique House rmailed to them!! 

   Rules are:

1. It is not to be shared as book still in progress

2. One entry only

3. Be creative but clean with answers please

4.  Have fun 

5. Question is:

   What do you think a) my favorite things are b) favourite foods are and c)  What do…

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Perfectly Imperfect

  I have discovered that I am on my own journey in this part of my life and finding my own true voice.  It seems that things that In the past I have tolerated now are driving me insane, whether it be about my husband, people in general or my environments. 

  It aeems I am now having to get reacquintanted with people who have always been in my life as the person I am now! It is challenging in the least but I was always tokd that anything worse having is worth workin for, so here I am re-discovering and learning.   

   My new personal moto is “Perfectly Imperfect” – I am who I am!! I am the best me that I can be!!