Archive | August 27, 2014


So many reasons for me to go
Too much buried pain
Breaking my fragile heart

So many reasons that I should stay
Too many memories hidden inside Questions to answers
That I need to know

Mind and my heart at constant war
Push and pulled in so many directions
Losing the grip on my control
Why are these emotions want to over flow?

All I ever wanted was your heart
Just for you to really see me
Love me for who I am inside
Not who you wish I would become

Long ago I saw in you a tenderness
There was something magical and rare
The man you were so beautiful
Is the one my heart does miss

Now all that’s left is emptiness
Hollow words spoken to appease
My heart has grown cold
Apologies grow weary and old

Cannot breath and cannot sleep
Everything runs wild in my mind
Memories trap me In a frozen state

Would have done anything for you
Gave up my dreams as sacrifice
Your happiness my one concern

Here I stand lost worn through and through
Too tired to run and too tired to fight
Obligation my cold,dark prison