My rant

I thought i would take a moment to discuss one of my major pet peeves and qualms with society and our government.

It is forced down our throats every day through public service announcements -Obesity is on rise and we need to eat healthy, be more active, reduce stress and have healthy lifestyles!

Excellent messages of course and all good in theory and advertising to promote but what are the government, companies and producers doing to help make this change attainable for people – nothing in my eyes!!

Here is my question – if government and society tells you to eat healthier – why is eating healthy so expensive? Why are they having non-healthy foods that are loaded with crap and preservatives cheaper than foods that are fresh, healthy and wholesome more expensive?

Why does it cost me more money for groceries than my husband?  Why is the cost of foods such as vegetables, beef, chicken so high but canned crap so cheap when it is unhealthy for us as we are told by health Canada?

In my opinion, if the government is so “concerned” about the health of it’s country and members than they should be making eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle more affordable.  They should have subsidies for families to get fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy foods that are lower income and have to relay on canned goods in a food bank, as good as food banks are it is they do not always have perishable items for families.  Our government is not helping end Obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, as well as diseases they are contributing to it because they are making the cost of living and eating healthy too expensive for families.  Why is it cheaper to buy junk food than it is to buy healthy snacks for children?

Why is the cost of sports and recreational activities for family so high?  Why are they no grants for services for places like YMCA and other recreational activities available to the children whose families cannot afford memberships and passes? Why when they want us to live a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress do they contribute to it by increasing taxes, having such low rates of pay, increasing housing costs, allowing “slumlords” to get away with poor standards of maintenance and increasing cost of living without increasing wages?  Why do they want to make the “little guy” suffer and cut jobs, but don’t make the corporations and big chain business accountable?

Why are so many people below poverty line because our government is not looking out for who voted for them – they are looking out for themselves only and failing us!!


3 thoughts on “My rant

  1. Oh boy I do agree with this ~ not a rant at all but good common sense ideas! If we had more women in power things might improve. My pet grip in UK is the impossibility of buying smaller quantities of good food at reasonable cost for pensioners and single people. The supermarkets seem to want us to buy huge quantities of everything ~ buy one get one free, buy one get one half price, super size cheaper than small size! Why! As we get older or live alone we don’t need huge quantities of foo. It encourages obesity and waste or means food rots in the cupboard or fridge.
    We need to make government and food manufacturers understand that they are part of the problem ~ get back to basics and produce good wholesome food at reasonable prices with minimal packaging and in reasonable quantities suitable for all types of consumer ~ families, singles and pensioners!
    There, I feel better now.
    Great blog by the way x

  2. Hear, hear! I agree with every word of this. I live in Canada too and it’s so difficult to eat healthily. Finding healthy, affordable snacks in particular is so difficult.

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