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The Antique House Chapters One to Four


Hello, the writing gremlins in my computer have been busy helping mr write thr fourth chapter of my short story!!! So, to honour all their hard work and motivation – here  is all four chaptets!!! Hope you enjoy – please share your comments and reviews!!!

The Antique House

Chapter One : Forgotten Treasures

She sat silently at her desk sipping her favourite raspberry tea while trying to stir up her creative muse. Today for some reason, her writing routine that she followed to help her get in the creative mind frame was not working.
Desperate to get her juices flowing, she replayed all her steps in her mind on the off chance she forgot something. “First, I gathered my favourite candles, favourite mug and favourite classical CD. Then I shut all blinds, turned on laptop and let it warmed up and turned on stove and placed my grandmothers antique kettle…

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