Breath of Aoles Review


     Recently, I have been blessed with the gift of free literature in the form of PDF ebools and all these kind souls wished for was my feedback on their stories.  It was a wonderful win/wim situation as a) as an avid reader and a lover o all literatur, i got to expamd my repitoore of genres for free and b) inspiring authors and even accredited authors get honest reviews. 

   The first gift of literature I was given was “Breath of Aoles” by Alan Spade – thank you again Mr.Spade. 

     This wonderful book was my first introduction to the genre of  fantasy (so if I got genre incorrect I apologize) and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this book. My confession, in past i was kind of a genre snob but my resolution for year is expand my intake of all genres.

   The characters in this book were great and the author portrayed their tribulations and aspirations with such heart and created really believable and inspiring heros.  His portrayal of Pelmen’s determination and aspiration to be more than what his class and role allow is very inspiring and touching.

   I loved this book and look forward to reading rest of the series as well would reccomend this book to both newbies to genre from avid readers and followers. 

   Out of 5 stars – I give this book 5!!!



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