Help with Story

I am writing this to ask for my fans and followers and of course you are all friends for assistance.

My request for help is advice and opinions:

1. Read my short story
2. Question: If you were old woman what would you do? Why? How?
3. Question: reading story whats a good title?

Thank you for your help 🙂

2 thoughts on “Help with Story

  1. Hey Melonie, I’m not like this really great writer or anything but I do love reading and writing. I came across your request for advice and opinions and just wanted to join in on the fun.
    1. I read the story and I loved it! I enjoyed reading your short-story, which I think you should turn it into full novel. I think you can take it in a vast number of directions that will end in a really great book.
    2. If I was the old woman of course I would say something, but when I think of what would make for a good read, I think more about writing what people would least expect. They think they are reading a story about one thing, but it ends in a totally different place. For instance, instead of her going out immediately and to warn people that something bad is about to happen, introduce a new character, like a shy young teenage boy or girl who she reaches out to and find out they share the same gift. She approaches them because they are the least intimidating and she wants to find out what they think about her based on the town has been saying. And she ultimately find out the child is her grandchild from her only son that died tragically. Then they try to warn the people together. Some people listen and leave and some don’t, but she gains a new relationship in her life that would have not happened without with the event because it forced her to talk to others. (LMAO) Or, if you do have her to go out and warn people immediately, have something that follows that people would least expect come from the result of that. For instance, she warns them and starts to freak a couple of people out. They put her in a psych ward, where she sees from her room window the view of her city that was on “the tower” card. Her efforts to save the city didn’t work, so she realizes she’s staying for the disaster. Everyone dies except for her because he was in some kind of special room that couldn’t be destroyed. She realizes her job was never save the people, but to save herself and get out that house. At the end she receives visions of her true mission and why she is still alive. (LOL)
    3. I think your title should be based on the bulk of the story. For instance, if most of the story is about her trying to warn the people, then the title should be something like “warn them” or “it’s coming” in relating to warning them. If most of the short story will be about what happens during and after the disaster, I would suggest a title in relation to that.

    But like I said before, I have enjoyed what you have already written, I’m pretty sure you can’t disappoint with the rest where ever it goes. Can’t wait to read the rest-Fant

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