Archive | July 1, 2013

Fresh Starts to Unexplored Paths


New day month to start fresh
New day to truly explore
Explore unchartered paths
Paths that hold new adventurous ways
Ways to grow through each winding road
Ways for each to test their strength
Strength that comes from surviving falls
Strength of knowing who we are inside
Inside our souls lies the hidden key
Inside our hearts we carry the light
Light that shines when intentions are pure
Light that can see us through the darkness
Darkness can grab a hold so tight
Darkness blurs our days and nights
Nights where loneliness eats at the core
Nights that leave us praying for warmth
Warmth from a simple human touch
Warmth of a loving embrace
Embrace from arms strong and true
Embrace that radiates the purest love
Love we all secretly long for
Love that carries us through rocky roads
Roads we travel alone at times
Roads unmarked and unknown
Unknown the path which yet to travel
Unknown what each new day may bring
Bring on the obstacles to test our will
Bring challenges that test our resilience
Resilience that comes from hidden courage
Resilience that is tucked safely away
Away the doubts that used to plague
Away the fear to travel new paths
Paths we walk proudly as we explore
Paths that show us the power within
Within each of us the answer
Answer that speaks to us every day
Answer that says “fear not, you know the way”

Brand New Adventures

Today I decided that it was time to swallow my fears and insecurities and put my words in a publishing format.  It was an interesting adventure to be able to pick the selected poems for a small collection of poetry that had some meaning to me.

It was especially powerful to put some very personal poetry in the collection – ones that I have not even shared on my blog.  Funny thing is that I am not even sure as to why I shared the poems on the collection – something just said “It is time!”.  I swallowed the emotions and decided that I had to follow the direction I was lead to.

Right now, it is in review status and I can feel weird “butterflies” take a hold of my stomach and do magical dances inside me.  I am very excited, nervous and scared to have shared my words in an actual published poetry format, even if just in kindle format..

I guess baby steps is better than no steps and I have to walk instead of just trying to fly.

But, the true reason for writing this post is to give a shout and thank you to all whom have encouraged me, supported me and listened to my poetry with an open heart.

I would also like to give a giant hug and thank you to David M. Green for the publishing information!! You helped me reach a small part of my dream..

God Bless Everyone.. Please look for my poetry book on the kindle library “Wings of Hope”.


Wings of Hope Poetry Collection

Check out my small collection of poetry on Kindle Owners Lending Library..

I self-published a few poems in a collection called “Wings of Hope”

Will take 48 hours to be published on kindle – it is in review!!