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The Truth Version 2





I cannot run from this anymore

Openly I lay my cards out

Who am I?

I do not know

I struggle daily to learn about

What I enjoy?

Truthfully I do not know

My interests fade in and out

What I long for?

I yearn to find my way

Through this rocky water

No more high prices to have to pay

What I know?

This struggle never seems to end

My world is chaotic and unstable

I can never find the words I need to say

Am I worth knowing?

My answer is unclear

I have let people down frequently

The truth of the matter?

I am a broke vase barely pieced together

I am struggling to stay out of the quick sand

Can I handle this journey I am on?

Uncertain I am of my fate

I don’t want to drag those down with me who offer a hand

Only way I know how to cope?

I shut myself off from outside world – always have

Easier to turn off than deal as the pain and hatred

I have for myself is to too raw and too real

How I hide behind the pain?

Working lots and refusing to sit still

Tasks and addictions become my escape

I imagine myself in a better place

Far above the clouds I would soar

Why I end this poem now?

Out of words I have become!!