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Late Night Ponderings

As I lay her in our spare room bed with knee supported by pillow and waiting for pain meds to kick in.

I am also engrossed in the previous mentioned book – it is so hard to put down and yet such a sad story/memoir!!

But I will step aside from it to express myself and deliver some sips of gratitude.

1. Waking up to birds singing
2. Beautiful day despite humidity
3. Good books
4. New friends,fans and followers
5. My loving husband and my dog Shadow
6. Family and friends

And now I leave you with my favourite quote from one of my favourite plays

“Good-by, Good-by, world. Good-by, Grover’s Corners… Mama and Papa. Good-by to clocks ticking… and Mama’s sunflowers. And food and coffee. And new-ironed dresses and hot baths…and sleeping and waking up. Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.”
― Thornton Wilder, Our Town

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day to all my followers,fans and friends who are mothers,grandmothers,moms to be and of course to those who are mothers if angel babies, mothers who have lost children!

I know Mothers Day is usually a difficult time for me because May 15th 2007 was my first miscarriage – we found out Mothers Day weekend we were pregnant and 2 days later at 5 am at hospital I lost baby!!
It usually gave me a double edge of heat break and I usually am asking for help to cope with day!!

This year something came through for me – out of the blue today my husband gives me flowers and a card saying Happy Mothers Day from dog!! We have had dog 8 years and he never has done this before!!

It was like the Angels and universe finally heard me and knew i needed an ordinary miracle!!

And weird thing just now my lights in bathroom flickered twice and stopped and light switch inside!!

Thank you to my loving husband, my spirit guides and angels!!!

Adventures Of Day

Hello fellow bloggers and friends!!

I just thought that I would take a moment to discuss today’s events and feelings of the day with everyone.  I hope everyone is having a great week!

Today, I went out and about town and ran errands and it was a beautiful day outside.  I just wanted to soak in the sun – one things about depression lack of sunshine makes it worse – winter is the worst time for depression. That is why I take vitamin D!!

I went out for lunch with my best friend and then we went for coffee and caught up on our weeks events. She is a true gem!! I would be lost without her 🙂

After I went to bring my dog for a walk with our neighbors and friends who have a dog named Radar around Schumacher (just outside of Timmins) and then went to let dog run around school yard with my friend Terry and her dog Pandora.. Poor Mr. Shadow is soo sleepy now and ready for bed.. But he needs it and loves it!!!






Today was Jody’s birthday (my hubby) – he turned 39 years old today!! Happy Birthday Baby!! On his birthday, he loves going ice fishing – does it every year, so it is just me and Shadow tonight.  I made a cake for him for his birthday and tomorrow we are going to have friends over for cake.. My way of saying thank you for being an amazing husband!!







Spring is a time of renewal, so I am taking it that the universe is telling me that I need to renew and restart myself on a new chapter and embrace challenges and handle demons head on.



I am learning that it is time to embrace and express gratitude for daily moments more frequently and that my purpose in life seems to be to help and to heal others.

A new chapter starts only when you are brave enough to turn the page – so onward and upward and here’s to new starts and chapters to write!!



Today’s activities..

Today, was a very productive day!!

I got bathroom cleaned and disinfected as well as the main floor of my house.  Determined to get rid of all the germs from the stomach bug that poor Jody and I suffered from!!  Perfect day to do it too – this morning it was minus 30 Celcius with windchill in Timmins – BRRRR!!!

I also got all my laundry and dishes down and went to get groceries.. Here is a pete peeve for everyone to know about me {when Food Basics Timmins has a sale and only has 3 cashiers working – really people are you that disorganized in business}!!

I also got some writing done today.. yeah… hopefully muse will speak to me again tomorrow and inspire me some more..   I also was able to read some more of my book from library “In Search of the World’s Worse Writers”.

Till then I thank all my followers, fans and people reading my blog !! Have a great night and may the muses bless you with creative dreams!!


Gratitude list


Things i am grateful for every day
My family
My friends
The chance to start anew everyday
The creative gift i have been given
The strength and courage to push through
Life lessons hidden in failures

Storm day activities

Storm day today
Going to take afternoon to try to get creative juices flowing!
This morning was dishes and laundry fun – joy of household duties!
Maybe ill work out plan for e-pub chapbook too, who knows.

Heres a fun idea – everyone contribute one word and ill see if i can make a poem out of it!!