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Today’s activities..

Today, was a very productive day!!

I got bathroom cleaned and disinfected as well as the main floor of my house.  Determined to get rid of all the germs from the stomach bug that poor Jody and I suffered from!!  Perfect day to do it too – this morning it was minus 30 Celcius with windchill in Timmins – BRRRR!!!

I also got all my laundry and dishes down and went to get groceries.. Here is a pete peeve for everyone to know about me {when Food Basics Timmins has a sale and only has 3 cashiers working – really people are you that disorganized in business}!!

I also got some writing done today.. yeah… hopefully muse will speak to me again tomorrow and inspire me some more..   I also was able to read some more of my book from library “In Search of the World’s Worse Writers”.

Till then I thank all my followers, fans and people reading my blog !! Have a great night and may the muses bless you with creative dreams!!