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Mother Nature’s tease

Decided to brave the snowy weather today and go out for tea with a friend!!
Yes mother nature teased us with beautiful weather and then brought cold,snowy weather back today!!
I often wonder if she is bipolar lol!!

Today I am very tired and had to force myself out of bed and to come out plus my digestive system not liking me today!! Probably will be a short visit as my eye lids feel heavy today!

Today I am trying honeydew tea!!

My Addictions

They call to me secretly
Hold me in their spell
Every time I try to ignore
They grab a hold of me

Urges too strong to fight off
My weakness gives in
I hide my actions with shame
Even though I know lying is a sin

They wouldn’t understand why
I would be labelled for sure
Treated like I was broken
Cast aside and forgotten
Oh how this roller coaster makes me cry

It is not like I don’t try to keep the demons at bay
But I am not always strong enough to win the battle
My life itself is like living among land-mines
I never know what will happen emotionally day by day

To actually voice the words “I have an addiction”
Make me want to run and hide
The stigma of this disease leaves a cost I can’t afford to pay
My need for secrecy is based on my pride

Grocery list poem

To the store i must go
Whether there is rain or snow
Purchases there are to make as needs
Hungry mouths there are to feed

Carton of eggs for breakfast and baking too
Cheese for salads, my favorite is blue
Bread for sandwhiches for lunches
Children love to eat them an awful bunch
Milk to build bones up good and strong
Add the chocolate syrup, you can’t go wrong
Meats for suppers so delightful and grand
Add spices, don’t matter what brand

At the register now to pay
Wonder what the cost is she will say
To help me save, i take out my coupon stash
A smile comes to my face when prices are slashed

Feeling so proud of all i saved on my shopping trip
Into the treat jar i shall dip
Rewarding myself for a job well done