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My Sweet Little Angel

Precious Friend who I hold so dear

A love so strong – it can bring me to tears

Companion and confidant – real and true

Without you in my life I don’t know what I would

Many years you have been by my side

Even when life became a wild and crazy ride

Loyal and loving – you comforted me so

How to thank you – I really don’t know

A kind and gentle spirit – a true friend you are

Traveling with me no matter how far

Quiet and sensitive – always calming me

How therapeutic your touch can be!

Happy sounds and cuddly moments we share

Our friendship a gift that is quite rare

Others wonder – they say you are are just a pet

An animal it’s true

But I truly owe my strength and sanity to you

Do you know how you are loved and cared for so?

A gift from God to rescue me and show how to love

You are not just a pet after all you truly will be missed when you go.

Dedicated to Gypsy

Googling Me and Discovervies – War: Why The Destruction

I was bored and just flicking through internet today while waiting for supper to be done and I decided to google my name (you know we have all done it, lol)..

I came across a poem on a site I wrote before I was even married – wow..

I though I would share it with all my followers:

War: Why the Destruction

War: Why the Destruction

Who’s battle are we fighting in vain?

All of this power and resources used to cause such pain

Do we really know what the troops are fighting for?

Or is there something we have not been told – something more?

So many innocent lives lost to this war!

Sent to fight a battle without being told the true reasons

Why is not wanting to go into this blindly treason?

Families are torn apart

Not knowing what is happening being kept in the dark

Wanting to know where their loved ones are – fearing that fateful call!

Young people killed or taken hostage by the enemy

Many forgotten – assumed dead – how can this be?

Civilians killed by American hands

Others forced to leave their homes and lose their land!

What will this all accomplish? – it has to be asked!

The impact and devastation of this war are sure to last

Lives will never be the same when this is done

Hatred and anguish will still be present when the troops are gone!

Fighting violence and hate with the same is just insane

Truly it is not the way to end this deadly game

What is it that they want to leave behind?

For the message will be etched in history for all time!!

Melonie Hewitt (my maiden name is Hewitt)

March 27, 2006.