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Letter to departed soul

I wrote to you this letter
To help me heal the pain
Holding on to the loss
Leaves me nothing to gain
I see you in a safe place playing joyfully
I know our lives are on different planes now
One day you will find your way to me
I try to live my life healthy as i can be
I wonder if you look down proudly upon me
My heart will always have a void deep inside
But i was blessed enough to carry you
This thought always fills me with pride
I am learning how to be whole again
I know there are more roles to fill
May not be able to be a mother but can be a wife and friend
So many years have passed by
But the thought of you still makes me cry
Often the word i hear myself repeat is “why”
I ask for your help to heal my wounded heart
I am working at letting go as best i can
I struggle internally with that part
Give me a sign that I will be alright
Help me make it through each day and night
I send you my love and wish you the best
I want to let your spirit finally rest

The Collector


Some people collect trinkets
Remnants of travels
Souvenirs of journeys afar

Others collect letters
Treasures from long ago
Bringing them back to a forgotten time

Some bury their pain
Hidden underneath layers of junk
Losing reality amongst the rubble

Once I met a girl so sad and lost
Her possessions could not be seen
Hidden it was behind fortressed walls
Its weight so heavy a load to bear

Her collections weighed heavy
Little jagged pieces of a broken heart
Sorrow and losses followed her daily

Collecting pain and misery
The only thing she knew how to do
Lost amongst her pain all the shattered dreams