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Learning to Forgive

Why is it easy to be kind to others?
Yet we cannot forgive ourselves
We carry resentments of past actions
Like shields and coat of arms

We offer gentleness to friends
But to ourselves we wish harm
Carrying guilt like invisible bags
When does the self hatred end

How can we extend our kindness to strangers?
When we offer cruelty to our own souls
Beating us down for mistakes made long ago
Trying so hard to be perfect when life is out of our control

It is time now to let the anger go
Loved ones forgave and moved on
Learn lessons of love from their actions
You shall see
Your mistakes are forgiven all this time

Sit a moment and reflect now
Learning to forgive yourself is key
The only true way to be happy and free
Find the strength to let go somehow

Repeat after me “May I Forgive Myself”
Say it with truth and intent
Break free from the chains of guilt now
You can do it- you have the power and know how!!

Handle With Care

Masks worn proudly
Hide away
The worn soul
Once so radiant
Could light a black sky
Now just flickering on low
Chipped and tarnished
Her gentle spirit
Leaving a cold dark shell
Her nights are full of visions
Scars from her past
Secrets she can’t tell
On the outside
A glued on smile
Inside she is drowning in tears
Terrified to reach out
Rejection her fear
Pretending she needs no one
Blinded to her true beauty
Full of self hate
Deems herself unloved
Pushes away everyone
Afraid to care
Tells herself safer this way
Patience is needed
Handle with care
A delicate soul
She is hidden inside
Cowering in corner
Needing now is kindness

To Whom It May Concern


To whom it may concern

It has been my lifelong dream to see

Everyone reading poetry written lovingly by me

To whom it may concern

I have always been to shy

Afraid of the judgments

I am not quiet sure as to why

To whom it may concern

My dear best friend encouraged me

Placed vision in my head of how great things can be

To whom it may concern

The words pour out from my very soul

Sometimes so intensely my emotions pay the toll

To whom it may concern

Here I am shakily steeping out of my comfort zone now

I am going to try to be brave, some way some how

To whom It may Concern

Heart it is a racing as I stand here

Can you sense my fear?

To whom it may concern

Please read my poems with care

Feel free to comment, I just ask you be fair

To whom it may concern

I will leave you now to think

I always find that poetry goes best with a hot and frothy drink

To whom it may concern

Just one more thing to say

Thank you for your time on this wonderful day

Now just a magicians trick

I will just fade away.