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Casting Stones

Judgement so used
When not our call
Should we not look within first?
Our lives not sin free after all

We say we accept our human race
Yet so eager we try to find flaws
How can we ask for compassion?
But are so willing to declare others a disgrace

Hungrily we beg for companionship
But so often we deny what we only seek
How can we ask for support for ourselves?
When it is not kindness we alone speak

Gone seems to be the lesson of the Golden Rule
Yet we wonder constantly “why me”
How is it we expect respect from others?
Yet we are unwilling to show respect freely

Before we cast the fated stones of hate
Stop and ask yourself “Am i being true?”
Realize that once the stone is cast – it is too late
Remember the forgotten words “Do onto others as ypu would have done unto you!!”

No more words


They ask me to talk
But when i do they shut me down
My feelings get ripped up
Thrown to the ground

They say i am too quiet
To open up now
When i speak my truth
My intentions get twisted
So unsure of how

They beat me down
Say i give off attitude
All i do is state facts
Funny how its ok for their tone
Which is harsh and rude

Tired of ridicule and harsh interactions
Now i look my speech away
What can they judge
Without my spoken words
No more price i will pay

Here lies the truth of what will be
I will not speak a single word out now
My feelings i will express only way
I truly know how
One solid and constant friend
My ever lasting poetic pen