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Goals for Healthier Me

So the last few days I have done a lot of soul searching and thinking about making my life,mind and body healthier!!

Something woke me up from a good night sleep a few days ago and made me realize I have to do this NOW!!

I am sharing this with everyone as my support team to help me reach my goals!!

Step One – No dark pop
Step Two – No Chocolate
Step Three – No Red Meat
Step Four – Take Vitamins and Supplements
Step Five – Get more sleep and rest

The Unwelcome Guest

Crept into our lives one fateful day – so sneakily
Disrupting the order and way things were suppose to be
Selflessly trying to carry the burden alone
Not wanting the turbulence to shake up your family
Putting up a brave front and face every day
Knowing that life will no longer be the same
Wanting to find the right moment to tell somehow
Planning carefully how to break this heavy news
A call to make in order to inform your family
Such a shock – how can this be our present reality
Such a dreadful and dark word to use and deal with now
Trying to process all the emotions but unsure how
So unfair it has happened to you – how can this be
It won’t win this war – you will be the winner here
Logically I know you will be alright for sure
However the thought creates an emotional uproar
No longer do you have to walk this road alone
Your family and friends will help you along

The Woman I Am Now Vs. Who I Was Before

 Always questioning how I feel

Acting like my answers are not true

Pretending I need them even though not real

My truth is not good enough it seems to be

Why ask I question if you won’t believe?

You cannot judge you don’t know the real me!

Finally found my way back to my true normal self

If you don’t like the person I am now

I can distance myself without regret I know how

Before you utter “you seem off” so casually

Take a moment to understand that I am who I am suppose to be

Gone is the sad girl struggling to stay afloat

Pretending to be happy was difficulty, you see

I have learned to embrace the woman I have become

Letting go of the negativity and aspects that brought me down

Losing all the pain that drained me of enjoyment and fun

Please take the time to understand what I need you to hear

Accept who I am and listen to my truth I speak

Without this our friendship is toxic to both of us

I am strong enough to move on my own

I will walk away to save myself – I will not fear





Daily Spoonfulls of Gratitude

Ok so after an amazing day of beautiful weather and a great time with friends and hubby tonight and a new sense of renewal about spring etc.. I am feeling overly grateful for a lot lately.

Here is tonight’s daily dose of gratitude 😀

  • Beautiful and sunny weather
  • Great friends and neighbours
  • Being blessed by baking gods 😀
  • New experiences and opportunities
  • Fresh air and sunshine
  • Tea cups and new teas
  • A loving family
  • Shadow
  • New fans, followers and fellow bloggers