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Hidden Gems

Ok so even though my day was rough, I am going to try to find the gems in the dirt pile!!

I am still tiresome and hazy, so bare with me while I muster through the list and sorting through everything!!

Today I grateful for
€ My husband not questioning me about debt I acquired with shopping addiction and allowing me to do it on my own
€ Opportunity to have LOC payment cleared to help me pay down debts
€ Courage to voice the word finally “addiction” to husband
€ Moments spent with client
€ Hot baths with a good book
€ Resting on couch watching TV with hubby
€ Watching shadow sleep on floor
€ Mild weather again


Todays gratitude list

Todays gratitude list;
Being healthy -not being trapped in my body like sadly some elderly are
Unusual friendships – this past year i have learned that if you listen with your heart more bonds are made
For opportunities to fail,start again and reinvent myself
For the return of my muses – I had stopped writing for awhile because the last poems i wrote were sad and extremely personal

My gratitude list

There are so many things
For me to be grateful for
Simple every day miracles
New adventures to explore
Friends who support me
Family who stands by my side
Life lessons to learn along this crazy ride
Animals love and loyalty
Help release the chains that bound me
When life has tested me time and again
I know my courage will get me through
For all who have lent their time and support
I have two important words to say
Thank you!!