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Weekend Plans

I think that this weekend will be a quiet,reflective weekend for me.

I may attempt to do some writing this weekend in the midst of organizing my house etc..

I have organized all my writing now in folders – labelled and everything!! Took awhile to complete because I even printed out all poems and placed in folders!!

Poetry and Short Story folders organized as such:
Poetry folders (purple)
Character information
Cover letters submitted
Extra copies
Extremely Personal
Online Blog
Submission Tracker
Work in Progress

Short Story Folders; (blue)
Character information
Completed short stories
Cover letter submitted
Extra copies
Submission Tracker
Work in Progress



Goals for Healthier Me

So the last few days I have done a lot of soul searching and thinking about making my life,mind and body healthier!!

Something woke me up from a good night sleep a few days ago and made me realize I have to do this NOW!!

I am sharing this with everyone as my support team to help me reach my goals!!

Step One – No dark pop
Step Two – No Chocolate
Step Three – No Red Meat
Step Four – Take Vitamins and Supplements
Step Five – Get more sleep and rest

Today’s activities..

Today, was a very productive day!!

I got bathroom cleaned and disinfected as well as the main floor of my house.  Determined to get rid of all the germs from the stomach bug that poor Jody and I suffered from!!  Perfect day to do it too – this morning it was minus 30 Celcius with windchill in Timmins – BRRRR!!!

I also got all my laundry and dishes down and went to get groceries.. Here is a pete peeve for everyone to know about me {when Food Basics Timmins has a sale and only has 3 cashiers working – really people are you that disorganized in business}!!

I also got some writing done today.. yeah… hopefully muse will speak to me again tomorrow and inspire me some more..   I also was able to read some more of my book from library “In Search of the World’s Worse Writers”.

Till then I thank all my followers, fans and people reading my blog !! Have a great night and may the muses bless you with creative dreams!!


Weekend Goals


A weekend alone!!
Just me and dog!!

Yeah – it will be writing and blogging weekend.

Peace and quiet, while hubby is out ice fishing at friends camp for weekend.

I am going to turn off phones and TV  and focus on reading poetry and writing my heart out..

Finally feeling better from Stomach Bug that I caught and getting productive appointments done..

Stay tuned for more information….

Hope everyone is having a great week.. Keep writing and keep smiling..

Thank you again to all my followers

To Whom It May Concern


To whom it may concern

It has been my lifelong dream to see

Everyone reading poetry written lovingly by me

To whom it may concern

I have always been to shy

Afraid of the judgments

I am not quiet sure as to why

To whom it may concern

My dear best friend encouraged me

Placed vision in my head of how great things can be

To whom it may concern

The words pour out from my very soul

Sometimes so intensely my emotions pay the toll

To whom it may concern

Here I am shakily steeping out of my comfort zone now

I am going to try to be brave, some way some how

To whom It may Concern

Heart it is a racing as I stand here

Can you sense my fear?

To whom it may concern

Please read my poems with care

Feel free to comment, I just ask you be fair

To whom it may concern

I will leave you now to think

I always find that poetry goes best with a hot and frothy drink

To whom it may concern

Just one more thing to say

Thank you for your time on this wonderful day

Now just a magicians trick

I will just fade away.