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Easter Thank You


I would like to take this moment to once again thank all my friends,followers,fans for your support and encouragement!!!
I cannot even put into words how grateful and blessed I feel!!

So I am sending everyone a great big bear hug and a THANK YOU!!!

Happy Good Friday (tomorrow) and Happy Easter!!!







Unwelcome Lessons

I have learned a lesson today about what I thought was a real friendship but this lesson or instance has left me doubting the validity of the connection!!!

As you all know i struggle with depression and anxiety and this diagnosis has taken me down many different difficult paths!!
In the midst of the depression I lost who I was – lost my identity, my passions and hobbies got forgotten!!

I finally am starting to feel like myself again and getting back to things that brought me peace and enjoyment as well as focusing on my goals to turn the negativity from my shopping addiction into something positive!!!

I would have thought that anyone who cared about me would have been supportive and encouraging, but I learned that not everyone is embracing who I am!! I have been accused of not being myself and losing who I am!!

This from someone who I considered a close friend – at first I considered it but something was not sitting right with the statements so I spoke to my husband about my concerns!!

He said that he feels I am doing really good and he says he is proud of me,so I am left wheeling about why a friend would use such statements!

Should friends not cheer you on?



I tried to be who you wanted
Losing who i was inside
You liked the mask that was there

I tried to find the real me
Hidden behind the masks
Bravely I started to show my colours

You looked at me with disgust
Cast me aside like shattered glass
Your only words were “Your not yourself”

You hide behind your “ability”
Claiming you can see things i cannot
How is it you didn’t notice the person inside struggling to be free

So I made the choice that day
No words of my truth will spill out
Around you I am an actress – hardly seems fair

You pull me into your drama
Like a fly into a web
Being that I care my heart is trapped
with you there

My silence is all you’ll get now
You’ve stolen my ability to trust
Shown me you don’t care what I say

Tell me is the charade you had me play
Worth the cost of our connection
Can you live with the price you have to pay?

My Sweet Little Angel

Precious Friend who I hold so dear

A love so strong – it can bring me to tears

Companion and confidant – real and true

Without you in my life I don’t know what I would

Many years you have been by my side

Even when life became a wild and crazy ride

Loyal and loving – you comforted me so

How to thank you – I really don’t know

A kind and gentle spirit – a true friend you are

Traveling with me no matter how far

Quiet and sensitive – always calming me

How therapeutic your touch can be!

Happy sounds and cuddly moments we share

Our friendship a gift that is quite rare

Others wonder – they say you are are just a pet

An animal it’s true

But I truly owe my strength and sanity to you

Do you know how you are loved and cared for so?

A gift from God to rescue me and show how to love

You are not just a pet after all you truly will be missed when you go.

Dedicated to Gypsy

Ageless Friends




We always joke around and tease each other
But I can tell something is bothering you
You are keeping something bottled up inside
I can see that it is tearing you apart
I have tried to get you to open up
I want to try to bridge this gap
But I don’t know when, why or how
Once we used to be able to talk deep
Now you do not let me know what you feel
If you are in trouble and feel so alone
I want you to be able to lean on me
What happened to the trust we once had?
Friendship is not just about the good times
It is being there for each other always
Please remember no matter what is wrong
I am always here to help carry on
Feel free to rest your head on my shoulder
Can you imagine us twenty years older?
What a funny sight we would be – 40-year-old you and me!








Morning Surpise and Thank You!!

I had such a pleasant surprise this morning when I went to see my blog and I have to tell you it made my day and touched my heart!!!  It is such an honor that so many people like my blog and are following me..

Sorry I haven’t written a lot right now – things are starting to settle down and I am feeling as good as I was before I had for lack of a better work “emotional breakdown” – since I will always have depression and have apparently had it since I was 14 years old!! I can say I am learning to face demons head on and manage triggers etc.. a lot better!!!!

This is my morning surprise – see below 🙂



So once again – I send out a HUGE THANK YOU HUG to everyone who is reading, following, liking and giving feedback on my blog..



thank you



This Crazy Poetic Ride


Fate has a way of pushing us
Allowing us to see how great
We truly can be
No one reaches greatness
Without help along the way
So stop and take a moment
Thank those who are on your side

Remember they came along on this crazy ride

Dear best friend


To my dear best friend
I write this letter to let
You know how I cherish
Your friendship, even though I don’t
Always show

You have truly changed my life
Forever more
Where darkness and shadows
Once resided solemnly
A light now brightly shines

Gone is the loneliness within
My sad,empty soul
You’ve helped me heal
A wounded heart

In my life you’ll always
Play an important part
From here on out I vow
To show my gratitude sincere

Please know that on my friendship
You can always depend
As long as you need me true
I will always be here for you