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Please Remember Me.. (Originally written In 2006)

Lost inside a lifeless body – so tired and so weak

Although there is so much to do or say

I am unable to move and barely able to speak

I see you look at me with such pity and despair

Do you not realize I too feel it is not fair

Please know I am the same person inside

I did not ask for this to happen on this ride

There is so much I wish I could tell you and say

Emotions to express to you that have not gone away

This illness and stroke has robbed me of a sound mind

 Ravaged my body – making me wither away every time

However my soul is still alive – scared and so very lonely inside

I pray that you know how much I love you and appreciate what you have done for me

I value and enjoy your company

Although it seems that I do not know and cannot show it

I feel you here and know that it tears at your heart

 If you hold on to the good memories – we will never be apart

 If God should call me home soon when my time does come

I know you will be sad but you’ll understand

For my body is tired and this fight is so hard to endure

Know that you have done all you could my dear

Remember me as what I used to be – I ask of you

Don’t let the good memories be drowned out by this time of suffering

I will always be the woman you remember me to be

Your love and support will set me free

Dedicated to Stella Myles

My Sweet Little Angel

Precious Friend who I hold so dear

A love so strong – it can bring me to tears

Companion and confidant – real and true

Without you in my life I don’t know what I would

Many years you have been by my side

Even when life became a wild and crazy ride

Loyal and loving – you comforted me so

How to thank you – I really don’t know

A kind and gentle spirit – a true friend you are

Traveling with me no matter how far

Quiet and sensitive – always calming me

How therapeutic your touch can be!

Happy sounds and cuddly moments we share

Our friendship a gift that is quite rare

Others wonder – they say you are are just a pet

An animal it’s true

But I truly owe my strength and sanity to you

Do you know how you are loved and cared for so?

A gift from God to rescue me and show how to love

You are not just a pet after all you truly will be missed when you go.

Dedicated to Gypsy

The Unwelcome Guest

Crept into our lives one fateful day – so sneakily
Disrupting the order and way things were suppose to be
Selflessly trying to carry the burden alone
Not wanting the turbulence to shake up your family
Putting up a brave front and face every day
Knowing that life will no longer be the same
Wanting to find the right moment to tell somehow
Planning carefully how to break this heavy news
A call to make in order to inform your family
Such a shock – how can this be our present reality
Such a dreadful and dark word to use and deal with now
Trying to process all the emotions but unsure how
So unfair it has happened to you – how can this be
It won’t win this war – you will be the winner here
Logically I know you will be alright for sure
However the thought creates an emotional uproar
No longer do you have to walk this road alone
Your family and friends will help you along