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Morning musings

Good morning everyone!
This morning had a late start for me because even though I originally woke up early, I laid down for a few minutes and fell back asleep till 10am.
Now is the daunting task of restructuring my daily activities and rrtasks considering I thought my physiotherapy apt was tomorrow and turns out it was today.
I guess I needed more sleep than I thought I did!

I woke up to the beautiful sounds of birds chirping and singing which brought a note of cheer to my day.
I often marvel at how animals can have such a presence of awe and majesty to them. The morning song of a bird definitely makes it to my gratitude list.

I was planning on going to library after I see my client, but since I overslept and she is put back in hospital bed at 2pm to start her G tube feeding I am going to reschedule her.
I will have to go to library after physiotherapy apt, which thankfully still works out as library is open till 8pm. Maybe I will take camera with me to explore and take photos along the way.

We shall see what day holds for me!

Knights Of Colombus Bizarre

Tonight, I helped out with Knights Of Colombus bizarre at St. Joseph church in Timmins,ontario!!

Sadly, it seems community support for this fantastic cause id dwindling as the number of public supporters has decreased!!

Every year in April Knights of Columbus hold this bizarre so if you know anyone in Timmins,Ontario Canada encourage them to come out!! Great prizes and great food!!