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Unwelcome Lessons

I have learned a lesson today about what I thought was a real friendship but this lesson or instance has left me doubting the validity of the connection!!!

As you all know i struggle with depression and anxiety and this diagnosis has taken me down many different difficult paths!!
In the midst of the depression I lost who I was – lost my identity, my passions and hobbies got forgotten!!

I finally am starting to feel like myself again and getting back to things that brought me peace and enjoyment as well as focusing on my goals to turn the negativity from my shopping addiction into something positive!!!

I would have thought that anyone who cared about me would have been supportive and encouraging, but I learned that not everyone is embracing who I am!! I have been accused of not being myself and losing who I am!!

This from someone who I considered a close friend – at first I considered it but something was not sitting right with the statements so I spoke to my husband about my concerns!!

He said that he feels I am doing really good and he says he is proud of me,so I am left wheeling about why a friend would use such statements!

Should friends not cheer you on?