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Lessons Of Life Through Elder’s Eyes

i thought today I would share some insight about what I have learned and gained from working with the elderly.

I am compelled to share as I find so many people discount what they can offer to anyone.

This is kind of a hard topic to broach for me because trying to pinpoint the most important aspects and lessons is like pulling apart a crystal to see what parts are more valuable. To me, the whole experience is a valuable and precious gem.

But for the sake of not being overbearing and boring. I will choose the lessons and tidbits that stand out to me.

Lessons On Life From Elders Eyes

1. Life can change in an instant – live everyday like its your last
(My client used to dance ballet in Europe and sing Opera in England before she moved to Canada)
2. Hold onto memories or record them in a book too quickly they can be forgotten
(Alzheimer’s and dementia robs you off your precious memories)
3. Cherish where you rest your head no matter how big or small your home
(One day your surroundings will be so foreign and strange to you – the room you took pride replaced with hospital and nursing home rooms)
4. Keep a box of special trinkets
(They can travel with you when you can no longer stay home)
5. Write letters to those you love and tuck away
(One day your voice will be lost to what you need to say)
6. Sometimes listening with your heart to what cannot be said is more important
7. Little things we take for granted will one day seem so huge when lost
8. A simple hello can cheer up a scared and feeling alone seniors day
9. Listen to the stories that they tell – wisdom and experience is hidden in the lines
10. Human touch is sometimes more important than words – its universal and can reach the farthest corners of the heart

The Woman I Am Now Vs. Who I Was Before

 Always questioning how I feel

Acting like my answers are not true

Pretending I need them even though not real

My truth is not good enough it seems to be

Why ask I question if you won’t believe?

You cannot judge you don’t know the real me!

Finally found my way back to my true normal self

If you don’t like the person I am now

I can distance myself without regret I know how

Before you utter “you seem off” so casually

Take a moment to understand that I am who I am suppose to be

Gone is the sad girl struggling to stay afloat

Pretending to be happy was difficulty, you see

I have learned to embrace the woman I have become

Letting go of the negativity and aspects that brought me down

Losing all the pain that drained me of enjoyment and fun

Please take the time to understand what I need you to hear

Accept who I am and listen to my truth I speak

Without this our friendship is toxic to both of us

I am strong enough to move on my own

I will walk away to save myself – I will not fear