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Messages I Heard

So I have made the decision to go back to church and I am finally finding my way back to who I was!!

I guess you could say I lost my faith and stumbled off the beaten path !!

I tried to find different avenues of spirituality and beliefs to fill an emptiness inside me but nothing
seemed to work!!

Tonight in my hot bath as I was absorbing the silence I got a whispered message from a deceased love one!! Yes I hear spirits and dream about things before they happen!!

But to sum up what happened:
> I was lying in my jet tub
> Started to think of my grandfather
> Then poetry ideas started popping in my head
> A line came to me “Does Anyone Hear Her”
> I got an intuitive thought and feeling
that I needed to look the words up
> I googled it and came across this song
> http://youtu.be/iOd8_wIsK2w
> Then I heard a voice said keep listening
> I listened to every song by Casting Crowns (brought me to tears)
> Then I heard go to Him

So next Sunday (was going to go tomorrow but I have started my monthly friend and am worried I will not be fully alert as my cycles can become severe) my journey back to faith begins!!

Here is my gratitude recipe for day:
> Family and pets
> Messages from beyond
> Hot Baths and jets
> Spending time with Jody
> financial freedom

Returning To Faith


Had lost my way in turbulent times

Wondered if true inner peace would be mine

Felt truly alone and forsaken

Behind a false smile my heart was breaking

Lost my faith and myself on my darkest days

Wondered if surrendering really did pay

Empty inside as felt no hope

All life’s good times slipping away like an oiled rope

With solace and patience I now can see

That He never really abandoned me

A lesson of Humility I had to learn before

Now I can see to the end of the hall to an opened door

His grace and guidance I welcome back in my life

Hoping he will guide me through the pain and strife

Forgive me for I never meant to doubt

What your intentions were really about

I give to you, total control as I hand over the wheel

Your love and lessons are the one real deal

Hear me please Lord as I speak from my heart

In my life you will always have a part