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Unique Leaves Award


Thank you to http://barbmca.wordpress.com/ for the nomination!! Much appreciated!!

My Nominations for this award are hard for me to narrow down as there are so many wonderful and unique blogs, but I will try. Please know that if your name does not hit list is just because I randomly selected list (but would have love to include all of you):

1. http://pagefortyone.com
2. http://cariwiese.wordpress.com
3. kevinbrennanbooks.wordpress.com
4. http://jumpingfromcliffs.wordpress.com
5. http://NancyYamahiro.wordpress.com
6. http://dmgreen2013.wordpress.com
7. http://raelynbarclay.wordpress.com
8. http://morguemouse.wordpress.com
9. http://thelearnedkat.wordpress.com
10. http://papermudandme.wordpress.com/

Thank you to all my friends, fans and followers for leting me share my world with you and sharing a piece of yourself with me.
Although, sometimes there are times when remembering to keep up blog can be overwhelming – I do not regret it for one moment.


Remember if I could have listed all of you – I would but it would be a very long list and an extremely long blog entry. However, I send an extra shout out and nomination to all of you as you all deserve accolades!! Keep up the great work and may the muse always be present and the whispers be loud enough to hear! God bless and have a great weekend..

P.S. To all my American friends – Happy Belated 4th of July
To all my Canadian friends – Happy Canada Day


Liebster Nomination

Liebster Award –

“ It’s a blogger-to-blogger award that tells a fellow newbie blogger that they are making the world a more interesting /intellectual /funny /better place. For a lot of us, it comes just when we’re facing that first blogger’s block or wondering if it’s all worth it. For the rest, it’s a shower of accolades. Either way, it’s a great thing. There are no certificates or trophies, but hey, appreciation from a fellow blogger is always valued. It is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.”
Liebster Award
 To be allowed to state that we won this award, we do need to put in some effort. It is kind of a blog chainletter award but obviously the primary motive is to recognize bloggers around the world and network.
The rules are pretty darn simple –
  1. List 11 random facts about myself
  2. Answer 11 questions that Neelima has set
  3. Nominate 11 new bloggers for the award
  4. Go back to their pages and tell these bloggers about the award

So here are 11 random facts about myself –

  1. I love writing poetry – have since I was 14 years old
  2. I enjoy the company of animals more that people
  3. I was born in Timmins, Ontario – moved to Hunstville, ON and then to Sudbury, ON
  4. I am terrified of spiders, bees and heights
  5. I love doing all sorts of crafts
  6. My biggest heros are my parents
  7. I want to one day go to Bali and Tibet
  8. My favorite book: Collected Poems of Robert Frost
  9. I am a girly girly who tries to be a tomboy
  10. I have no idea the rules behind hocket (to me “icing” is whats on a cake)
  11. I am very shy
  12. extra fact – my husband is named Jody and my brother is named Jody (they are a year apart in age and my sister in law is Melanie (she’s 7 years younger than me) – we were married 8 weeks apart from each other

Now for the answers to Neelima’s questions –

  1. Favourite role model – my dad and my big brother Jody
  2. Favourite fictional character from books and movie – Velveteen Rabbit, Anne of Green Gables.
  3. Have you ever come across writer’s block? Suggest some ways to overcome it. – Yes, I have – I take my camera out and focus on another medium, see what inspiration I can get from pictures
  4. What would be your next blog about? – How great blogging is and how great fans are
  5. If you get an opportunity to interview a person who is now dead, who would you interview and why? – Shakespeare, to ask him where did he derive all the inspiration to write such masterpieces from.
  6. Describe “fun” in your own words – Being there with the loved ones – travelling, hanging out et al.
  7. Describe the most memorable incident of your life – Getting married July 15, 2006
  8. If you are chosen to play the lead role in a movie:
    • Who would you like to be directed by? – not sure
    • Who would play the lead opposite you and why? Donnie Walberg – need a say more – come over NKOTB to Blue Bloods – plus he is YUMMY
    • Give the title of your film – Poetic Lust (hahaha)
  9. Imagine you have come to know from you trusted doctor that you have 24 hours to live, enlist the things that you would want to do – Travel to Tibet – see Dali Lama
  10. What is the one thing that really gets you angry – Imtolerance
  11. What is the difference between being alive and truly living – People can be alive and just exist but be shut off from experiencing life, where as being truly alive and living is being present in life.


I can not just give 11 – there are so many of my fiends and bloggers that are great – so I send a SHOUT OUT and HURRAY to all of my fellow bloggers.. Embrace your talents and your dreams. I nominate all of you!!!

Thank you to http://bookandmoviereviewra.wordpress.com/2013/06/29/liebster-award-for-the-book-and-movie-reviewra/ for the wonderful nomination and shout out!! God Bless!!

Blogger nomination






This morning when I woke up, I got a very nice surprise as I was checking out my blog.

I was nominated for an award by Mandyevebarnett’s Blog | Inspiration for Writers – Share your Journey ©

Thank you so very much, this kind of put me in a better mood frame as certain situations with a friend left me annoyed and frustrated. This put a smile on my face almost as big as when i was asked to be a bridesmaid for a close friend and neighbour!!!

I have to mention 7 things about myself and nominate 15 bloggers!!!

Seven things about myself:

1. I prefer reading books to dealing with people and reality (books you can lose yourself in)

2. I have always been a huge Lucy Maud Montgomery Fan (visited her grave site in PEI when I was 18)

3. Biggest fear – getting Alzheimer’s when I an older (I have worked with elderly with this nasty disease – breaks your heart ti watch them)

4. Favourite place to live is Sudbury Ontario

5. Heros – my parents

7. Stranded on desert island I would wish for food and pen and journal

8. Hardest things  I have had to face in my life are having two miscarriages, struggling with infertility, hearing the words “your dad has cancer (thankfully he has been cancer free for 5 years) and dealing with depression and of course having to put my Gypsy down Feb 2, 2012 (18 years with her and it felt like someone ripped my heart out).

For my nominations… I will have to blog surf!!

Here are my nominations (sadly I found this hard as I wanted to nominate everyone as I love all my fans and followers and there are so much hidden talent in different blogs..)  If It was up to me I would nomimate EVERYONE!!