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Daily rant

Here is another daily rant, Monday I had a doctor’s appointment in Sudbury,Ontario Canada (Dr. Vijay)and I was told he wouldn’t help me because a) I am only 37 and b) don’t have children!! Even though I told him I don’t want to have children plus we can’t have children (we tried for 6 years)
He didn’t care about what I have had to deal with since I was 11 years old and seemed to only want to push medication instead of long term solution!! He also didn’t care about the side effects I have had with medication or the fact that some interact with other meds l am in!!!
He has a note from my family doctor telling him that medication doesn’t work because my body develops an immunity to them and stops working after 3 months!! He flat out told me I was wasting my time asking and no one else would do it either!!

His words exactly “i wouldn’t be happy doing it!!” Like I care about doctors feelings since he didn’t care about mine!!

If I had to rate him, I would give him MINUS 20 out of 20!!