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Whisperings of Muse

We all have those moments where our “muse” calls to us and sometimes it is at odd moments that we are spoken to.

This very situation occurred last night to me and I am compelled to share the experience with my friends and fans.

I was laying in bed and was trying to fall asleep when I heard a voice (which wasn’t the spirits that I am sure reside in my house nor was it anyone else’s in room) whisper to me. At first, I was a bit unnerved because I didn’t recognize the voice but decided to shut it out.

However, the voice was persistent and unrelenting so I gave in to urge and stilled my mind. Quietly, I asked “what are you trying to tell me?” I waited silently for a few minutes and then heard whispered “butterfly and lily”,
Uncertain of where this was trying to lead me, I asked for clarification.

Then I heard it whisper “draw”, which I found weird because my ability to draw is I can honestly say “nil”. I decided to ask a question to the voice, “Can I trace it?” When I heard a quiet yes, I decided to try to go to sleep and said to myself “tomorrow”.

My plan was to sleep and remember to do it in morning, but for some reason no matter how tired I was I could not get comfortable or fall asleep. I must have starred at ceiling for half an hour and then as pulled by an invisible rope I got out of bed and headed downstairs.

The word “butterfly” and”lily” kept echoing in my head, so I searched my craft room for pencil and paper and headed to computer to find the images that spoke to me. I searched through till something said “stop”, traced them off of screen and shut computer screen off for night.

I was going to leave it and colour it later but something kept nagging me to finish picture. I gathered my markers and pencil crayons and began colouring.

This was end result:


Then after I was done – I heard one last message “wings of hope” so I titled it that. But oddly, I am not sure what else I am suppose to do with picture.

I guess I will set aside until my muse instructs me further!