Whisperings of Muse

We all have those moments where our “muse” calls to us and sometimes it is at odd moments that we are spoken to.

This very situation occurred last night to me and I am compelled to share the experience with my friends and fans.

I was laying in bed and was trying to fall asleep when I heard a voice (which wasn’t the spirits that I am sure reside in my house nor was it anyone else’s in room) whisper to me. At first, I was a bit unnerved because I didn’t recognize the voice but decided to shut it out.

However, the voice was persistent and unrelenting so I gave in to urge and stilled my mind. Quietly, I asked “what are you trying to tell me?” I waited silently for a few minutes and then heard whispered “butterfly and lily”,
Uncertain of where this was trying to lead me, I asked for clarification.

Then I heard it whisper “draw”, which I found weird because my ability to draw is I can honestly say “nil”. I decided to ask a question to the voice, “Can I trace it?” When I heard a quiet yes, I decided to try to go to sleep and said to myself “tomorrow”.

My plan was to sleep and remember to do it in morning, but for some reason no matter how tired I was I could not get comfortable or fall asleep. I must have starred at ceiling for half an hour and then as pulled by an invisible rope I got out of bed and headed downstairs.

The word “butterfly” and”lily” kept echoing in my head, so I searched my craft room for pencil and paper and headed to computer to find the images that spoke to me. I searched through till something said “stop”, traced them off of screen and shut computer screen off for night.

I was going to leave it and colour it later but something kept nagging me to finish picture. I gathered my markers and pencil crayons and began colouring.

This was end result:


Then after I was done – I heard one last message “wings of hope” so I titled it that. But oddly, I am not sure what else I am suppose to do with picture.

I guess I will set aside until my muse instructs me further!

Book review

I just finished reading the most beautiful, yet sad story and I was compelled to tell my fellow bloggers.

I just finished reading “Worth Fighting For” by Lisa Neimi Swayze and I am not afraid to say this book brought tears to my eyes.

I have always loved Patrick Swayze as an actor no matter what role he played, but reading about his valiant fight and determination to live made me love him as a person too. He fought a good battle and kept his sense of humour and charm about him.

I would give this book all 5 big glowing stars and recommend to anyone and everyone!! I will also be looking to add to my personal collection!!


Late Night Ponderings

As I lay her in our spare room bed with knee supported by pillow and waiting for pain meds to kick in.

I am also engrossed in the previous mentioned book – it is so hard to put down and yet such a sad story/memoir!!

But I will step aside from it to express myself and deliver some sips of gratitude.

1. Waking up to birds singing
2. Beautiful day despite humidity
3. Good books
4. New friends,fans and followers
5. My loving husband and my dog Shadow
6. Family and friends

And now I leave you with my favourite quote from one of my favourite plays

“Good-by, Good-by, world. Good-by, Grover’s Corners… Mama and Papa. Good-by to clocks ticking… and Mama’s sunflowers. And food and coffee. And new-ironed dresses and hot baths…and sleeping and waking up. Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.”
― Thornton Wilder, Our Town

Morning musings

Good morning everyone!
This morning had a late start for me because even though I originally woke up early, I laid down for a few minutes and fell back asleep till 10am.
Now is the daunting task of restructuring my daily activities and rrtasks considering I thought my physiotherapy apt was tomorrow and turns out it was today.
I guess I needed more sleep than I thought I did!

I woke up to the beautiful sounds of birds chirping and singing which brought a note of cheer to my day.
I often marvel at how animals can have such a presence of awe and majesty to them. The morning song of a bird definitely makes it to my gratitude list.

I was planning on going to library after I see my client, but since I overslept and she is put back in hospital bed at 2pm to start her G tube feeding I am going to reschedule her.
I will have to go to library after physiotherapy apt, which thankfully still works out as library is open till 8pm. Maybe I will take camera with me to explore and take photos along the way.

We shall see what day holds for me!

“All Welcome Does Not Mean Welcoming Atmosphere”

I would like to take this time to apologize for my absence – I had a very off couple of days emotionally as well as physical pain with knee was almost unbearable! I did not want to write from a dark mind and clouded thoughts, so I took a few days break from writing world.

BTIt all started when I decided I was going to expand my circle and join a club or something. So,I decided to attend a Science Timmins Astronomy Club and step outside my comfort zone.
My anxiety was already off because it was a small room with lots of people, but I decided that i was going to try and stay as long as possible.
It only got worse from there because the group was very cliquey and to top of it off people who were suppose to be mature as they were at least in their 50’s would cast dirty looks my way and snicker, This shook me as it took a lot out of me to go in first place and to ne treated like I was back in high school again made me feel demeaned and judged!! I literally had to talk myself through it – I am grateful I went with a friend too!!
They say “Open Group All Welcome” but they sure as hell do not act that way!!
That anxiety attack left me feeling drained for 2 days and I have had then under control for a year!!

To be continued..,

The anxiety attack really shook me as I generally have my triggers in control and manageable.
I was floored at how inconsiderate and rude people can be!!

To those who are lucky not to have anxiety issues, an attack feels like this:
• heart palpitations
• room spins
• racing thoughts
• dizziness
• walls feel like they are closing in
• chest hurts

At least those are my symptoms!!!

Journey to Better Health

This month, I have decided that I need to eat healthier and get in better shape.

I have started with small steps with eating habits because with knee injury and not knowing extent of damage yet
I cannot start exercising since some days walking hurts.

Steps I took;
1. Went from drinking lots of pop to reducing pop intake
2. Switched from Coke to Ginger-ale
3. So far for last week No Pop just water
4. Working on reducing chocolate intake

Book Calling

Today, while I was visiting with my client at the hospital and we were perusing hospital gift shop book table, I came across a particular book that for some reason I was instantly drawn too.

I am not sure why I was drawn to the book but of all the books on table it seemed to call out to me (oddly this happens a lot with books to me) and I am a very firm believer that things are drawn to you for a reason.

So, I will follow my universal message and read this book and let everyone else know how book is,