Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day to all my followers,fans and friends who are mothers,grandmothers,moms to be and of course to those who are mothers if angel babies, mothers who have lost children!

I know Mothers Day is usually a difficult time for me because May 15th 2007 was my first miscarriage – we found out Mothers Day weekend we were pregnant and 2 days later at 5 am at hospital I lost baby!!
It usually gave me a double edge of heat break and I usually am asking for help to cope with day!!

This year something came through for me – out of the blue today my husband gives me flowers and a card saying Happy Mothers Day from dog!! We have had dog 8 years and he never has done this before!!

It was like the Angels and universe finally heard me and knew i needed an ordinary miracle!!

And weird thing just now my lights in bathroom flickered twice and stopped and light switch inside!!

Thank you to my loving husband, my spirit guides and angels!!!

Blogger nomination






This morning when I woke up, I got a very nice surprise as I was checking out my blog.

I was nominated for an award by Mandyevebarnett’s Blog | Inspiration for Writers – Share your Journey ©!!

Thank you so very much, this kind of put me in a better mood frame as certain situations with a friend left me annoyed and frustrated. This put a smile on my face almost as big as when i was asked to be a bridesmaid for a close friend and neighbour!!!

I have to mention 7 things about myself and nominate 15 bloggers!!!

Seven things about myself:

1. I prefer reading books to dealing with people and reality (books you can lose yourself in)

2. I have always been a huge Lucy Maud Montgomery Fan (visited her grave site in PEI when I was 18)

3. Biggest fear – getting Alzheimer’s when I an older (I have worked with elderly with this nasty disease – breaks your heart ti watch them)

4. Favourite place to live is Sudbury Ontario

5. Heros – my parents

7. Stranded on desert island I would wish for food and pen and journal

8. Hardest things  I have had to face in my life are having two miscarriages, struggling with infertility, hearing the words “your dad has cancer (thankfully he has been cancer free for 5 years) and dealing with depression and of course having to put my Gypsy down Feb 2, 2012 (18 years with her and it felt like someone ripped my heart out).

For my nominations… I will have to blog surf!!

Here are my nominations (sadly I found this hard as I wanted to nominate everyone as I love all my fans and followers and there are so much hidden talent in different blogs..)  If It was up to me I would nomimate EVERYONE!!


Easter Thank You


I would like to take this moment to once again thank all my friends,followers,fans for your support and encouragement!!!
I cannot even put into words how grateful and blessed I feel!!

So I am sending everyone a great big bear hug and a THANK YOU!!!

Happy Good Friday (tomorrow) and Happy Easter!!!