Cup of Gratitude Tea

Today was a good day! Started off disorganized as what was planned got thrown in the wind!! Never again after this week will I extend an olive branch and offer to babysit for cheap for certain people!!
Luckily I had a back up plan and could go see my client in hospital and recoup some wages!!
I was also able to go to Walmart and purchase items to organize poetry and get Shadow’s dog beds!!
It was good bye old stinky bed and hello new ones 🙂

So here is my gratitude list for today
• organizing and printing out poetry
• back up plans
• hot baths
• seeing plans come together
• spending time with Shadow

Recipe for Gratitude


Today’s Gratitude List

  • Looking pretty when I went out
  • Working on new ideas
  • Mentors in writing field
  • Hubby making it home safely from trip
  • Spring clean-up going well
  • New shopping ideas (lists are awesome 🙂 )
  • Try new teas  (David’s Tea Honeydew Mate Latte tasted awesome)
  • As always – friends, fans and fellow bloggers
  • Creative muses
  • Inspiration and ideas


Daily Spoonfulls of Gratitude

Ok so after an amazing day of beautiful weather and a great time with friends and hubby tonight and a new sense of renewal about spring etc.. I am feeling overly grateful for a lot lately.

Here is tonight’s daily dose of gratitude 😀

  • Beautiful and sunny weather
  • Great friends and neighbours
  • Being blessed by baking gods 😀
  • New experiences and opportunities
  • Fresh air and sunshine
  • Tea cups and new teas
  • A loving family
  • Shadow
  • New fans, followers and fellow bloggers



Universal Messages


Lately with all the changes in my life from medical issues and job losses etc. I have been doing a lot of thinking – I have come to accept that things happen for a reason and we do not always know what the reason is.

So today, I resigned myself to let the universe decide what was right for me as I had an interview for a job – it was for a babysitting job near my house.  I meditated on the fact that the universe will let me know if this is right by either having the family hire me and other signs like the children taking to me right away.

I was amazed because all the signs occurred, the family was very approachable and up front with me about situation, I had a good vibe from them and the children took to me right away (kind of warmed my heart) and I was hired.. I start on the 19th of March..

So now I look back at the job loss from HGS Canada and I think to myself – there was a reason that my anxiety made me do stupid things and a reason that I was called on them – the universe knew that it was time for me to go because the environment was reaping havoc on my anxieties.

Another kind of ironic but maybe not coincidence fact is after I had voiced about shopping addictions and everything to my parents and friends, it seemed like things opened up a day after. It was this huge liberating fact that I have hidden so well in the past and I am so ready to face these demons head on now.

So on to a new chapter and new experience – I am truly grateful and relieved that I got this position on top of working with my client because it gives me opportunity to pay bills down quicker and to keep my independence.

So I take this moment to say THANK YOU to my angels, spirit guides, universal helpers and animal guides for helping me through a difficult patch to find new chapters to start.









So here is my gratitude list for today:

  • New opportunities
  • Support from friends and family
  • All my fellow bloggers and fans
  • Courage to face demons
  • Mild weather yet again 🙂 maybe spring is coming soon..
  • Walks with Shadow in school yard.

Diamonds of the Day

Here is my list of what I am grateful fir today- my head is still reeling and I have had an off day – migraines and all!!

So if my list is a bit off please forgive me because I have had trouble concentrating

Things I Am Grateful For:
> courage to voice addictions
> spending time with client
> mild weather
> emails from my mom 🙂
> discovering new books

Sorry it seems lame but my mind is fuzzy and I have been exhausted last few days – when anxiety attacks hit they drain me for days!!

Hidden Gems

Ok so even though my day was rough, I am going to try to find the gems in the dirt pile!!

I am still tiresome and hazy, so bare with me while I muster through the list and sorting through everything!!

Today I grateful for
€ My husband not questioning me about debt I acquired with shopping addiction and allowing me to do it on my own
€ Opportunity to have LOC payment cleared to help me pay down debts
€ Courage to voice the word finally “addiction” to husband
€ Moments spent with client
€ Hot baths with a good book
€ Resting on couch watching TV with hubby
€ Watching shadow sleep on floor
€ Mild weather again