I am an aspiring writer and poet who has been writing since I was fourteen years old and am now ready to share my words with the world.

I hope that my experiences and words help those who read them find their own voice and unleash their creativity.

A bit more about me ..

I am 37 years old, live in Northern Ontario Canada – happily married. We have a black lab named Shadow – who is our fur baby. He is 8 years old this April..

My interests besides poetry and writing are:

  • Stamp collecting
  • Post Crossing
  • Pen Palling
  • Reading any genre
  • Camping
  • Arts and Crafts

137 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the LIKE on my recent post. I’ve enjoyed penpalling over the years, too. I got started in 1984 through “International Pen Friends” and still have some of those. We lived near Stratford, Ont, at that time.

  2. Hi Melonie,
    Thank you for logging into my blog and I will follow yours. Just to be clear. You are not an aspiring writer. Repeat after me: I AM a writer. I AM a writer. From the beautiful work that I see here, you can claim that title. The only difference between you and other well known writers is that they are published – thus they can say, “I am an author.”
    You ARE a writer. Don’t forget it. Happy writing.

  3. Hello Melonie,
    Thank you for stopping by my “place” and having a look around, Lovely blog you have here, now following back,look forward to reading more in the future.

    Good Weekend to you and your family.


  4. Hello Fellow Canadian. I love that photo – was it taken in Northern Ontario? Looks like a fabulous spot to just be. From reading your pieces, it sounds like you are a care giver. Thank goodness for people like you, Melonie.

  5. hello. thank you for the like and follow on my site, The National Harold-Gazette.
    i am checking out yours now. despite my silliness, i do love a good poem from time to time. best of luck with your work.

  6. Hello, my friend Melonie, you have a nice blog up here. Well done! πŸ™‚ I would like to kindly thank you for following my blog. That is very kind of you. It is my mission to serve humanity through the written word. It is my aim to illuminate the World with my Light of Love. To do so, I write inspirational poetry and short stories and post them every Thursday. Please feel free to visit if you feel like inspiration. Take care and may the Light of Love perpetually shine in your heart, my friend. β™₯

  7. Hi Melonie Ann,

    We know a secret: we understand the beneficial value of having a caregiver in the life of a care-receiver. Unfortunately this secret is not apt to change unless a system of support (for caregivers) is created. This is what all the hubbub about ITN is all about. And with globalization offering instant sharing opportunities, there is no good reason why essential systems of support can’t be shared. I offer this link to you (https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=f885f56c47be1762&id=F885F56C47BE1762!836) because the ITN Program files are complete. We need Beta test groups! Is there any way you could organize one?

    Let me know your questions. Thank you for your consideration.


  8. Hi Melonie (I love the spelling of your name!) Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I used to live in Ontario, and spent a bit of time up north. Such a beautiful part of the province – so much nature. Friendly people as well. Good luck with your writing. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey! I have a black lab named Shadow, too! He is my ‘baby bear’ and so precious to me. He will (God willing) be 12 yrs old in September. He is much more than a mere ‘dog’ he is my special angel..he always senses when I am feeling down or when I need a hug..he gives me hugs! I dread the day that I must be without his unconditional love and loyalty.He really is quite special, as I am sure your Shadow is to you.

  10. Your poems are beautiful and very versatile, I enjoyed reading them πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog, glad to know that you liked it πŸ™‚

    • Its a slow process

      Doing physio,waiting for MRI apt on knee and then back to dr apt for results

      Until i know more – physio and pain control are important!

      Thank you for the kind comments!

  11. Melanie, Thank you so much for following papermudandme.wordpress. I will try to keep you informed and entertained one way or another; with my books or ceramics. I will be following you. – Aloha – pjs.

  12. Hello, I wanted to say thank you for the follow and the “Battered Soul” poem really spoke to me. Reminded me of a period I had to work through when I was living overseas. Keep it up!! I’d love to read more!

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