Archive | April 15, 2015

Creatively Listening to Whispering Muse

. It was a beautiful day here in Timmins Ontario – we reached 10 degrees Celsius!! A brilliant and beautiful  sun lit a blue painted sky while the crisp air danced delicately providing the perfect balance.  This kind of day just fills my soul with a calmness and joy!

So tonight as I was winding down and relaxing after working with clients this evening, I heard a very subtle and melodic whisper of a graceful and elegant Muse!  Sitting in silence for a few minutes, I heard and felt a push to work on project!!  I was able to work on an additional outline of how I want the project to expand!

I am excited that I was able to let my creativity  flow and since it is 1030PM and my medication  is kicking in, I decided it best to stop after that piece was done and tackle tomorrow with a clear and refreshed mind!’   So I say this simple but heart-felt prayer of thanks  to my lovely Muse and dearest friend

Sister Muse I hear your song

My soul obeys and sings along

A gift you have bestowed upon me

The wonderful joy and creativity

Thank for sharing your heart

Your guidance like water to a wilting flower

You are the reason my words have so  much power

May your voice be heard forever more

Walk with me till the very end – sweet sister              Muse my dearest friend …. amen

Well tomorrow is an early day – up at 6:50am as I have to catch 7:30 bus for my client at 8am!  I bid everyone a wonderful evening/morning and/or night depending on where you live😀