Archive | April 12, 2015

Awakening the Muse – hopefully

Happy beautiful Sunday!!!

It reached 15 degrees Celsius here šŸ˜„

it was the perfect day for spring cleaning and airing out the house as I had every window open and enjoying the freshness of the new season! Spring allowed us to remove the staleness of winter from the house.

Unfortunately the Muse was quiet today perhaps to allow newness and the scent of renewal to prevail. Ā It is funny how once you start cleaning, organizing and sorting, it can become a process and a cathartic release. I found it be therapeutic giving my house a once over, fresh start and removing theĀ negative, stale energy of a harsh winter.

I am attempting to kick start my creative juices by redoing the creative outlines of project!’ Hopefully it will bring forth the gift of the Muse and maybe breath life into the project with a renewed spark.